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Casa Decor 2016

"family room"

In the third participation of Deulonder in Casa Decor Madrid, the tandem of interior designers Chone of Sotilla and Lluïsa Deulonder, have been challenged again to trying to surprise the public. They have come up together with their team with a project of American air, but at the same time faithful to their welcoming and functional hallmark of the Deulonder brand. Said in two words: more than just a kitchen is a "family room."



Nothing better than enjoying a good place to eat

Why a family room? Well, the reason why is because in Deulonder we are convinced that the kitchen is the essential expression of the home, which refers to the fire around which all family members gathered once in the past. To facilitate this warm conversation and complicity, imbued with the aromas of good stews, nothing better than creating a good place to eat, a central table that is part of a sober and relaxing environment. The main color this year is a set of white combined with wood, a functional tone that enhances the feeling of spaciousness and neatness.

La cocina y otros espacios domésticos (The kitchen and other domestic areas)">

Environments that talk to each other through a glass separation that allows visual communication between areas

Indeed, we are in front of a big kitchen, 50m2. Deulonder made the most out of the space by integrating a pantry and an ironing room. However, those are environments that talk to each other through a glass separation that allows visual communication between areas. Thus, from the ironing room we can keep an eye on children having a snack in the kitchen, or while we cook, we can see at a glance the contents of the pantry.

La cocina y otros espacios domésticos (The kitchen and other domestic areas)

The kitchen that explores the meaning of the concept “cosy“

The white paneled windows, that go with the furniture, give slenderness to this kitchen that explores the meaning of "cosyness". Paying attention to the bench located between two glass showcase furniture that invites you to sit a while next to a bright window.

The walls, with vertical wooden slats, which combine with the furniture, fielded doors, and upper ledges adjusting the ceiling. Another "soigné" corners of this cuisine that breathes harmony is the breakfast buffet, which contains everything you need to start your day. Coffees, teas, sugar, bread, cereals ... each food has its place well defined and designed for maximum efficiency in the kitchen. On the left, a small decorative wink: a charming wooden stand to put cutting woods, slate plates or trays.

The imposing fumes extractor, with American "look", is designing and manufacturing Deulonder. Next to the cooker we have provided a practical "Pot Filler " to put water directly into the pots. Two lamps on each side of the hood ensure good lighting on the counter in the food preparation area.

Crowning the island we can see a majestic “hanging rack”

The island is a wasching center and has a water point and a dishwasher and a partitioned drawer to recycle waste. On the side facing the table there is an open drawer to put oils and dressings. Crowning the isdland a majestic "hanging rack" for hanging pots and other decorative elements. The structure includes a pair of lamps to illuminate the area well.

In the ironing room we find the washer and dryer Miele, with a new automatic system that incorporates the soap and fabric softener while the dryer automatically incorporates a fragrance (there are several to choose from). Another peculiarity is that are arranged next to each other, at half height from the floor for comfort, with extensible baskets for dirty clothes underneath .


On the right, a cupboard containing a cleaning module that lets you keep all products and gear for cleaning the house with ease, and store after use. To the left is the Deulonder ironing board with all accessories and comes complete with a bar on the wall to hang the clothes ironed. A peculiarity of this room is that everything is hidden behind doors, so that it does not bother your view from the kitchen.

In the ironing room we find the washer and dryer Miele, whose new automatic making soap and fabric softener while the dryer automatically incorporates a fragrance (there are several to choose from) . Another peculiarity is that are arranged next to each other , at half height for comfort , with extensive ble baskets for dirty clothes underneath .


The counter tops are beige and white veined marble, while the floor is a laminated oak parquet texture that enhances the feeling of comfort, apart from being particularly practical because it is easy to clean.


The interiors of the drawers are very well used with dividers which are adjustable to better fit the content. One of the drawers is prpared for spices which is the star of the interiors. You can also allocate a very practical space for knives.


Part of the "menage" appearing in the kitchen, and the wooden boards ironing trolleys and other accessories, you will find in the new e-Store Deulonder www.deulonderestore.com.


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El mármol es un material poroso, por ello es muy importante limpiar inmediatamente las manchas para que no penetren. Para la limpieza y buen mantenimiento del mármol de las cocinas Deulonder se recomienda detergente neutro con agua caliente aplicado con bayeta microfibra. También se puede utilizar lejía diluida en agua o crema jabonosa tipo CIF. Nunca se deben usar elementos abrasivos ni estropajos.

El limón, el alcohol, la naranja, el amoníaco, el vinagre, los anticales, los limpiacristales y otros limpiadores son corrosivos para el mármol por lo que se ha de procurar evitar su contacto con este tipo de superficie.


El Corian es un material no poroso. Su óptima conservación pasa por la utilización de una bayeta de microfibra humedecida con detergente doméstico y frotar siempre con movimientos circulares. Para las manchas difíciles hay que utilizar un trapo húmedo o esponja abrasiva y una crema detergente tipo CIF. De vez en cuando, se recomienda lavar los fregaderos de Corian de las cocinas Deulonder con lejía y agua caliente.


La limpieza y mantenimiento del acero inoxidable de las cocinas Deulonder se realiza con una bayeta de microfibra y quitagrasas en spray peinando el acero siempre en la misma dirección, o bien realizando movimientos circulares. Al ser una superficie delicada nunca se deben utilizar productos abrasivos ni estropajos. Es muy importante secar el acero rápidamente con una tolla o un trapo que no deje pelusas. Además de productos antigrasa, también se puede utilizar alcohol, limpiacristales o amoníaco. Es mejor rociar el limpiador sobre la bayeta de microfibra en vez de hacerlo directamente sobre el acero con el fin de que no se produzcan goteos innecesarios. Para eliminar las huellas dactilares se han de realizar suaves movimientos circulares sobre las mismas tantas veces como sea necesario.


Para limpiar la madera de las cocinas Deulonder es conveniente la utilización de detergente suave disuelto con agua en una bayeta de microfibra y a continuación proceder al secado con un trapo. No se deben utilizar productos abrasivos ni estropajos.



En Deulonder garantizamos la calidad de todos nuestras cocinas y planchadores trabajando con rigor y cuidando hasta el más mínimo detalle.

Los mejores profesionales del sector colaboran con nosotros para juntos buscar la excelencia en el producto final.

Desarrollamos productos que satisfacen todas las exigencias de nuestros clientes y es por ello que ofrecemos una garantía de 5 años en todo nuestro mobiliario excluyendo los deterioros que sean consecuencia de un mal uso.

Un cuidado servicio al cliente, una atención personalizada, gran mimo en nuestras realizaciones y un producto de altísima calidad son garantía de nuestro éxito.