A bookshop with personality: Casa Usher

In the same neighborhood where Deulonder is located we find Casa Usher bookshop, which pays special attention to cookbooks

Casa Usher is located on 79 Santaló Street, in the Sant Gervasi district of Barcelona, ​​and it is a charming bookshop that opened its doors only three years ago. They settled in a beautiful modernist apartment where the Casa Pascual winery used to be. They adapted the house to install the shelves and each room of the old house of the winemakers was filled with books. The booksellers, Anna Arranz and Maria F. Sierra, choose novelties to give personality and uniqueness to the bookstore, which is basically oriented to the humanities – above all literature, travel, children’s literature and have a section assortment of cookbooks that Chone de la Sotilla especially recommends. The atmosphere is very pleasant and you can even have a coffee or tea sitting in the small lounge of the bookstore while you leaf through a book.

Casa Usher regularly organizes cultural and gastronomic activities, including wine tasting and book presentations in the pleasant internal courtyard, such as the one that was held on November 23 at seven in the evening on a culinary theme. The publisher of Sd Ediciones, Maria Lluïsa Samaranch, presented Market Products, with a handful of authors of this series of recipes that Deulonder has among their favorites. In our blog we already dedicate an article that can be recovered by clicking  here.

This series, published in Catalan and which has been underway for twelve years, focuses on a market product to offer a set of recipes available to everyone. «We always ask our authors to make easy and accessible recipes, despite the fact that according to the cooks they do more and less,» commented the editor during the presentation. «Today people do not cook much and have lost inventiveness in the kitchen, so the recipes we propose help especially to find good ideas for preparing these foods,» added Fina Comas, author of the volume The codony and The pear. On his side, the cook Beba Barba, responsible – together with his sisters – of the volume dedicated to the artichoke, thinks that the books can also be seen as an entertainment reading, «many times you get ideas and then everyone makes the recipe in their own way». Some of the cooks that have participated in the development of these books that they found in Casa Usher have their own cooking blog, such as Fina Comas with Cuina cinc, where you can find the recipe for «Cream of chestnuts with porcini» to lick your fingers!. The four novelties of the series that will be released in March are sheep’s cheese, galleys, macaroni and saffron.

To know the entire agenda of activities of Casa Usher, you can access its website

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