A Deulonder kitchen and laundry room in idyllic Mallorcan rural surroundings

Deulonder has taken root on the island of Mallorca, where the warm and calm style that characterizes him comes into direct harmony with the rural environment.

In an old and recently restored country house in the area of ​​Puigpunyent, on the island of Mallorca, the interior designer Lluïsa Deulonder has carried out the double project of kitchen and planxer, two spaces that open onto the landscape mediating large windows that overlook the fields . We propose a guided tour of Lluïsa herself through the corners of these two outstanding areas of the estate, which are still being finished.

To harmonize with this preserved rural environment, organic materials have been chosen, such as wood and Macael marble, with a counterpoint of the chrome plating of the bars and the metallic black of the handles, in conjunction with the wall sconces. The result is a sober and elegant kitchen, fully equipped with the most cutting-edge appliances, and consisting of a large central island, very well lit, to be able to eat informally, seated on comfortable wicker stools.



Other details of this kitchen that is still brand new are the built-in hood and the built-in fridge, installed next to the oven and the gray ceramic floor. A column display cabinet allows you to have the dishes very well organized and visible.


On the other side of one of the exits to the outside of the house is the imposing laundry ironer. This space has a whole side of tall furniture and retractable and ventilated doors. Here the brooms and mops can be hung up. Others have a showcase door to store ironed and clean clothes. Removable trays allow you to have your clothes neatly folded. To one side are two washing machines and a tumble dryer, as well as a pretty Corian laundry room with removable wicker baskets at the bottom for storing dirty clothes. A large, well-lit table allows you to iron in total comfort. Nor can the practical trolley of trays be missing to store ironed clothes and be able to distribute them comfortably through the different rooms of the house.


On the side of the pool, a small functional kitchen has also been designed so that you can eat near the water in good weather. Here the views are splendid. The style of this office kitchen is integrated into the garden as a whole and dark colors have been chosen that contrast with the exposed stone.

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