A puzzle made of «turrones»

Bocí bakery offers original patchworks of flavors that leave behind the traditional «turrón» bars


It is typical of Christmas that, once it is finished, it leaves the kitchen full of «turron» bars that were not eaten during diners. In Deulonder – we have to admit that the whole team likes sweets very much – has noticed that Bocí bakery in Barcelona has had the good idea of dosing the «turrones», while expanding the varieties to create a kind of puzzle Flavors. They make available to the sybarites up to 38 different tastes.


The doses weight 250 grams approximately each, and can be combined in boxes of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, or 9 flavors. You can also play with chocolates, waffles, truffles, polvorones, starry nougat and other sweets.


The most successful tastes are the classics of cream and bitter black chocolate. Among the most original are those of sakura tea, mojito, truffled black bean tonka or raspberries and truffled yogurt. Mmm!



Another specialty of the house are the balls of praline cake, biscuits and starry nougat, as well as waffles, normal or chocolate, and decorated cookies.




To leave the guests open mounth, nothing better than this chocolate trees.


The bakery opened its doors in the Via Augusta in Barcelona, number 112, 18 years ago, and before this family business was already in another place in the Ensanche. They have the obrador in the same space, and can be seen from the store. You can have lunch and eat upstairs, as well as ordering caterings. You will find all the information in


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