A recipe of «buñuelos»

Chubby and tempting, the fritters are a typical Easter sweet but it is always a good time to prepare them and taste them

Deulonder offers you an easy recipe to prepare the «buñuelos de viento», a sweetened sweet ideal to consume energy during the coldest seasons of the year. It is true that they are easily found in ovens as well as in bakeries but the best ones, without a doubt, are those made at home, in our kitchen, with our hands and all our affection.

To make the «choux» pasta you need:

1/4 of water

80 gr of butter

125 gr of flour

3 large eggs

25 gr of sugar

a pinch of salt

1 L of oil

Sugar luster to sprinkle


To start preparing the choux paste, once we have cleared a space to make the fritters on the countertop, we will heat the water, the butter, the sugar and the salt. When it begins to boil, add the flour, preferably sieved. Then mix the pasta with a spatula of barillas so that there are no lumps and let it cool in the kitchen. Then, we will add the eggs one by one stirring the dough constantly to get a fine and homogeneous texture. The dough is thick enough so you need a lot of strength to beat. Again, we’ll let it rest a little on the countertop.

At the same time, heat abundant oil in a saucepan and take small amounts of the dough with a spoon. This is the amount of dough that you must throw into the oil. If you put more you will have fritters too big !.

We can also use a pastry bag. Coceremos the dough in balls (about 8 or 10 at a time so they do not burn). The secret is to let them gradually warm up and rise to the surface. As they swell, we will increase the temperature so that they are golden on the outside.

Finally we will remove them with a tongs and we will overcoat them with sugar luster. If we want, at this time they can be filled with cream with the help of a pastry bag.

Buñuelos can both luxuriously top off a meal and taste at the snack. They give a lot of play because they can be flavored in many ways, such as anise or cinnamon. They are a delight!

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