Aesthetic and practical: In our Deulonder store you will find the best pans in the market

 With removable and stackable handle the eStore pans are top of the range in comfort, ideal to have in modern kitchens designed by Deulonder


The Cookway are made of aluminum coated with nonstick Exceliss® and constitute a complete collection of six pans with handles and removable handles Coccinelle . Thanks to its design, it can be stacked up to seven in a drawer of 45 cm. The measures are 20 , 22, 24 , 26, 28 , 30 and 32 cm .

Deulonder sartenes store cristel

» The Cookway are compatible with all types of cooking systems including induction «

sartenes cristel Deulonder Store

Knobs and covers can be stored in the same drawer, and so is the whole collected and well ordered.


The same collection also has four pots (14-16-18-20 cm ), three » faitouts » ( 22-24-26 cm) and 2 high paellas (24 and 28 cm ) .



These paellas are of an exceptional quality and are made by the prestigious French brand Cristel. They are manufactured in France and are labeled » French Origin Guaranteed «. The county seat is Fesches le Chatel, where the factory opened in 1983. They also manufacture a range of kitchen utensils which can also be found in the eStore Deulonder as well as in the study of Muntaner 231, Barcelona.


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