All the scents of the world gathered in one store: el Dock des épices

Bordeaux, a city with a recognized commercial tradition, is home to a spice shop with more than 150 varieties

In the series «Shops of the world» that Deulonder dedicates to the universe of cuisine and good gastronomy, this time we have noticed a very spectacular and special establishment: le Dock des épices. Located in the center of Bordeaux, at 20 Rue Saint- * Jaimes, le Dock opened its doors in 2005.

It is worth visiting because the richness of the species materializes on its shelves. Up to 150 varieties are represented, with all that implies of colors and aromas: it is quite an experience for lovers of good cuisine. Turmeric, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, it is impossible not to find here a species that does not please our palate.

One of the star species is vanilla, which is grown mainly in Madagascar, a former French colony. A large number of different varieties and provenances are offered, and they are sold in showy test tubes. The prices vary according to the qualities, and goes from 6 to 14 euros per pod.

We must not forget that Bordeaux is a wine-growing area, a crop that also permeates the aroma of many of the salts that they sell, such as the Fleur de sel Merlot, a whole «delicatessen» that Deulonder inspires us.

At Le Dock des épices we will also find sauces for all tastes, such as artichoke with garlic or chestnut cream with «foigras». The establishment is a kind of cave of Alí Babà intoxicating aromas.

All the products are very well presented, often in small pots that can be perfectly stored in the kitchen. In this sense, Deulonder designs have a wide range of solutions to save species and always have them at hand. Here are some examples:

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