An intelligent surface in our kitchen

Dupont just launched to the market a Corian countertop that charges the mobile wirelessly


In Deulonder we have always defended the use of Corian for being a non-porous material ideal for the kitchen, which avoids the annoying joints, offers an aesthetic work area, and it is easy-to-clean and has a nice texture.

Dupont that sells this synthetic material has just launched to the market this new design, The Charging Surface, which includes the ability to charge mobile and tablets without cables or plugs. Given that the kitchen is a place where the whole family gathers and where they spend long periods either doing homework with the kids, having breakfast or simply cooking, this solution is particularly practical.


Besides, it is a very easy to use system. the receiver (a ring or a cover charge) to your smart device must be connected, and then you have to place the device on the loading point and starts charging automatically.


The Changing Surface can be adapted to different designs and colors in the range of Corian and is very discreet, as the transmitter is below the counter. On the other hand, this solution will prevent us condemning a drawer to put chargers, and so we will gain space for other things.


If you want more information about this system that helps create a smart kitchen, do not hesitate to contact us directly at the Deulonder study. Muntaner, 231, Barcelona, or via mail

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