Bulk oil: the new European trend

Oil & Vinegar is a store that sells olive oil in bulk: the new trend in food

Olive oil does not escape the fashion of bulk sales and in several countries of the European Union have begun to open stores that sell liquid gold by weight. In the Oil & Vinegar of Utrecht, in Holland, we can check the large amount of oils that can be found, divided by zones and intensity.

One of the advantages of this franchise that has spread throughout Europe, the United States and Japan, but has not yet reached Spain is the fact that you can try the oils, of diverse graduations and some of them flavored. The products come from all oil-producing countries, whether Spain, Italy, Portugal and a long etcetera. In total, they offer a range of up to 35 different varieties. Among the vinegars they can be found with hibiscus, white truffle, mango … And of oils, they propose varieties as curious as the Morgenster Olive Oil, the Orange Olive Oil (with orange) or the Lemon Olive Oil (with lemon).

In the same store they have several types of glass bottles to be able to serve the selected oil. The shop is complemented with other select products such as mustards, sauces of different types, herbs and spices, olives and pasta, and various sweets. In Deulonder, always interested in special and selected kitchen products, we have noticed the surprising Mustard with cognac or the Lemon Grass Moustard, without forgetting the Pizza di Cioccolato: half a kilo of chocolate of different styles presented in the form of pizza.

One of the advantages of Oil & Vinegar is that they also offer gift packs with an exquisite presentation, in tune with the products. On its website you will find the addresses of the stores, distributed throughout Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, the United States, Canada, Japan, etc., as well as the catalog of products, which can be purchased on-line. Oil&Vinegar.

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