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Bye bye plastic!

Awareness and respect for our environment has encouraged a new trend; Bulk sale. This new form of selling has emerged to prevent the abusive use of plastic containers -which are difficult to recicle- and to promote the use of classic wicker baskets our grandmothers used back in the day. Another way of «saving the world» starts at home. Instead of accumulating containers of all sorts, using traditional glass jars to store food is another esthetically and eco-friendly way of storing products.

One of the pioneer companies in bulk selling (, offers organic rproducts  from local areas and small producers. Rice, cocoa, flor, tea, biscuits, ápices… all of their products are weighed in paper bags or containers made out of potato starch. These are  packaging alternatives which are easier to recicle and disintegrate. There are twelve up and running stores around Spain. You can find some in Barcelona, in the Gracia area (C/ Puigmartí. 11), near the Albaceria Central Market. Next to another market (the Mercat de la Libertad),the company has recently set up another store called «Al Gra; Del Sac al Plat», located in C/ Sant Cristòfol, 17, where they sell up to 300 ecologically respectful products.

Deulonder is also compromised with our planet’s preservation. Moved by the needs of our times -but also bearing in mind the enviroment- the interior design studio has joined the new «glass jar» trend. Glass jars are a chic way of  storing products such as pasta, legumes or species. This is why Deuloder has devised a series of practical proposals such as shelves or cabinets, where pots can be placed next to one  another. This stocking system is very practical, for it provides rapid access to food. Another option is to store products in jars concealed inside a drawer or a cabinet, although the latter depends on the space the kitchen provides and the amount of products to be stored. Furthermore, in Casa Decor Madrid, the Deulonder decorators presented a new climatizad system of storage. This innovative method enseres the perfect combination between temperature and humidity and can be kept in wooden boxees (following the eco-trend) or large glass jars.

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