Casa Decor Madrid: the Making Off

Deulonder participates in a new appointment with Casa Decor Madrid with a spectacular kitchen that includes a dining area. We show you the making off of the space, abracadabra!


Lluïsa Deulonder prenent mides a l’espai de Casa Decor.

Lluïsa Deulonder measuring the space of Casa Decor 2017.
Deulonder returns to the fair for interior designers, Casa Decor, celebrated from May 10 to June 18 2017 in a beautiful building located on Calle Antonio Maura 8, in the glamorous district of the Jeronimos of Madrid. The team integrated by Lluïsa Deulonder and Chone de la Sotilla have been able to choose the space free of charge thanks to the Audience Award won the last edition 2016. So they opted for a double space located on the fourth floor since it is very bright.

Chone de la Sotilla prenent mides de l’espai to decorate.

The first steps were to take measures in order to think about what would be the best design solutions. After drawing the planes and renders to see how the space will be, everything fits together like a puzzle. For a few months we have tried to renovate these two rooms to install a fully equipped kitchen with an adjoining dining area. The works began the last week of March and until the days before the inauguration finishing touches are made. Of the space, only the parquet has been preserved, but a special treatment has been applied to make it more resistant to water, especially in an area of ​​such use as the kitchen. After conditioning the walls, put the moldings in the ceiling as well as the ceramics and the wallpaper, they proceeded with the construction of the bell.



In a second phase the furniture was installed which has been cut to measure in situ. Little by little, the space is taking the form of a kitchen, and an extensive work begins to put everything in its place, install lights, tiles, etc.


Another important moment: the installation of the sink, made by Dupont Corian, but imitating the style of traditional porcelain sinks, with a large front. The sink of the island, also of Dupont Corian, was also installed.

Although everything is very well calculated, there can always be little accidents or unpredictable problems. We have to bear in mind also, that many elements are imported. This year, for example, the glass of Miele’s Ranger oven, a piece brought from the United States, was broken. Thanks to a messenger coming from Germany it could finally be fixed at the last moment.


There was also another problem with a lamp that broke and eventually was replaced with another american lamp, which is better than originally planned!.

In the end the space is left in the hands of the stylist Elisabet Vidri, which conditions it to give a magic touch. And so, the kitchen is ready for the inauguration on May 10 2017

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