Casa Decor’19, the «making off»

Behind the splendid kitchen-living room that Deulonder has presented at Casa Decor Madrid, months of work are hidden during which the idea has been passed on to its realization.


This was the room before its transformation into the hands of the interior designers of Deulonder, Lluïsa and Chone.



We propose you to discover the whole process of realization of the Deulonder Living Room Kitchen.


Design. For weeks, the two interior designers of Deulonder studied and planned the distribution of the different areas to make the most of the space.


The truck disembarks before the doors of Casa Decor Madrid, which this year is located on Calle de Núñez de Balboa, 86.

The first elements to take into account are the walls and floors. The electricity and water facilities. Once the space is ready, the furniture is assembled.


Once the distribution and order of the furniture has been thought out and defined, the kitchen is assembled, lasting for weeks.



The organization is essential to have the kitchen ready for the Casa Decor overture. To do this, a team coordinates to assemble, one by one, all the furniture and appliances.



Little by little the kitchen is taking shape. Each module is fitted to the millimeter. It is a job carried out by a team of excellent professionals.




When the furniture assembled, we proceed to paint and dress the space. Here we have the last preparations.


Hang the curtains, install the air conditioning … are details that require your time and are essential for the kitchen to be at its best.


Last retouching Styling, by d’Elisabet Vidri, is a fundamental part of the process because it brings life to the kitchen.


The result is this fantastic kitchen that combines gray tones and designed to have a good time not only cooking, but also simply being in it; a warm and comfortable space that also includes a corner living room with a fireplace and a sofa.




You can still visit Casa Decor Madrid, which will be open until March 10.


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