Christmas recipes around the world

Christmas parties are synonymous with specific recipes for these dates so indicated: cakes, meat, soups, we take a look at Christmas cookbooks from other corners of the world

In France, for example, they have gastronomic customs very similar to ours. They usually eat seafood first, a good snack of second and, of desserts, can not miss the «Bûche de Noël», which can be translated as «Christmas trunk». There are countless recipes, but we have looked at those proposed by the digital magazine Marmiton, with options of chocolate and pear bûche, raspberries or banana and chocolate. It is a type of rolled cake that is filled with chocolate, cream, sugar glacé, according to taste. The dough is prepared based on eggs, sugar, yeast, butter and flour. In thirty minutes, plus 25 cooking, we’ll have it ready. There is also the option of making the «bûche» frozen, then you have to have the ice cream of taste that will please us.

In addition to the basic cakes, they also propose other combinations for gourmets, such as a «bûche legère au marrons», one with species bread and the other with pistachios. Here you will find the details of the recipes: Marmiton.

Britain is known for having no problems experimenting with new flavors and mixing cuisines from different horizons. The same Jamie Oliver is an example of this kitchen desacomplejada. For Christmas we have looked at the Tastemade magazine proposal that offers the recipe of some original «White Macarons» based on coconut and almonds.

In this url de Tastemade  you will find a video of a minute and a time where you see a quick camera how these macarons are prepared for which you need grated coconut, liquefied eggs, glacé sugar, chopped almonds, coconut essence, a coconut ball for filling, among others ingredients.

At Christmas, it’s not all sugar and calories. On the other side of the world where the weather is not so cold for Christmas they prepare light and tasty soups. In Mexico, for example, the Direct to the Paladar cooking website, they propose a delicious soup of fennel and tangerines.

Light and creamy, this easy-to-prepare soup can serve as a counterweight to calorie meals at parties. Tangerine, leek, carrot, fennel and a broth pill concentrated vegetable and voilà! We already have a digestive and soft soup. It can also be easily prepared with the Thermomix. The author, Sweet Canela, suggests a pairing with white wine. Here  you will find the recipe, which is prepared in a heartbeat.

To finish our gastronomic tour for the Christmas kitchens, we have noticed a typical bread of these parties that is cooked in Holland, the Kerststol.

It takes time and patience to make this delicious bread made from almond paste, candied fruit and raisins, as well as orange liqueur. Jennifer McGavin proposes this recipe on the web  The Spruce  . We will need a handful of ingredients, such as milk, raisins, cardamom, sugar, yeast, vanilla extract, salt, almonds and butter. It can also be coated with glazed sugar.

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