Copper, a material that dresses up the kitchen

Copper, this metal of aged flaire and elegant, is back in fashion with more refined and practical designs. Deulonder has opted for this material for the kitchen of Casa Decor 2017.

Normally copper is identified with rural and old kitchens. However, thanks to new, more stylized and practical designs, it is increasingly common to see them in urban and modern kitchens. In Casa Decor Madrid 2017 copper was one of the star elements in the decoration, providing the touch of definitive refinement.

The copperwork combines very well with soft colors, such as the furniture, as well as the white of the walls, and does not clash with the chrome of the bars to hang rags and handles. In this fantastic kitchen, copper is also present in the appliqués and in the main sink with an elegant and sophisticated faucet. The new designs, which combine with other metals, slightly dampen the reddish tone of the metal, and therefore look so clean and neat.

In the Deulonder e-store we offer you a selection of selected items, such as a three-bag set with stainless steel interior and copper exterior or set for preparing cocktails.

Being a conductive metal par excellence is ideal for cooking. In the Deulonder e-store we also propose some of the best frying pans that are manufactured today, such as this one from the prestigious French house Mauviel 1830. Its three-layer construction includes a 5 mm copper exterior, which allows you to cook quickly meats and vegetables.

Otra ventaja del cobre -el tercer metal más utilizado en el mundo- su resistencia y perdurabilidad, garantiza que son utensilios de larga vida, como las cocinas Deulonder. Para más información sobre estos productos pueden acceder  fácilmente a la e-store de Deulonder .

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