Deulonder opens the doors of Fortnum & Mason, one of the most glamorous food stores in London


From teas to cookies of all kinds, this palace in the heart of London is the paradise of gourmets

Cookies, teas, honey, chocolates, coffees, cakes and treats for all tastes make Fortnum & Mason one of the most glamorous shops in London. Located in the center of the city, in Picadilly, taking a walk through this paradise of «delicatessen» is an experience that, from Deulonder, always attentive to good cuisine and exquisite food, we recommend if you visit the English capital.

The fame of «Fortnum’s» (as the Londoners call it) is worldwide and is already part of the city’s tourist circuit. The visit is especially recommended for those who enjoy discovering local products of excellent quality. The establishment is three centuries old. The 1707 was founded and since then it has always been open.



Fortnum’s is an ideal place to find all kinds of flavors, such as Queen Anne, a refined and special tea, or the best Earl Gray in the country. The teas are sold in bulk or canned, and also in practical bags.


The pastry shop is a prodigy of colors and textures. With an international influence, you can find all kinds of sweets, such as some oriental cupcakes.



Deulonder recommends trying the «macarons» of Fortnum & Mason, with such exotic tastes as lavender or pistachio. A delight.


The store, which looks like a palace, is a good place to find a «souvenir» or a gift to give away from the English capital. Only the containers are, like these «biscuits», almost a work of art.


Its founder, William Fortnum, was a servant in the court of Queen Anne. The monarch wanted to have new candles every night. So Fortnum was made of gold by reselling the remains of second-hand candles. With his partner Hugh Mason he opened the store that also offered groceries. The history of the establishment has always been linked to the British monarchy, and in 2012 it was the same queen who opened the Diamond Jubilée Tea Room on the fourth floor.



Fortnum & Mason has three stores in London. The most important and oldest is the one located at 181 Picadilly Street. It also offers products online on its web.




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