Deulonder prepares de latest details of the exhibited kitchen in Casa Decor Madrid 2016

Deulonder participates for the third time in Casa Decor Madrid, in a special edition devoted entirely to the kitchen which opens on May 19


Casa Decor is the most exclusive european exhibition of interior design, and is held in Madrid from 19 May to 26 June. This year, the selected building that will be transformed by a series of professionals is -the Palacio- House and it is located in the neighbourhood «de las letras», very relevant considering that this year the fourth centenary of the death of Cervantes is celebrated in Spain. Specifically, the Casa Palacio is in the street Atocha, 84. To see how the building please watch the promotional video of the 51th edition here:

The two interior designers of  Deulonder Architecture Domestic, Lluïsa Deulonder and Chone de la Sotilla have prepared together with the Deulonder team a kitchen with pantry and ironing room which we can anticipate that will combine light tones, will feature a majestic central island and a high dining table, and a friendly bank to relax and enjoy the simple and elegant environment. Following the characteristic style of Deulonder, which designs modern and functional kitchens, for Casa Decor they have thought of an open space following the north american style, very comfortable, very «cosy», and more than just a kitchen is, in two words a ‘family room’.

The space where you can find Deulonder is on the third floor, space number 60. We hope to see you there!



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