Deulonder receives for third time the Public Award in Casa Decor 2019

We propose a review of some of the kitchens that Deulonder has presented over 25 years in Casa Decor

From January 24 you can discover the proposal of the Deulonder team for the new edition of Casa Decor Madrid, a unique decoration event in Europe, in which a group of designers and interior designers decorate a whole building. Until the inauguration, in that we can unveil the design of the spectacular «family room» designed for this 54th edition, we invite you to take a walk through some of the kitchens and ironers that Deulonder has presented over more than two decades to Casa Decor, first to Barcelona and then to Madrid. It was in 1994 when Lluïsa Deulonder and Chone de la Sotilla first disembarked on Pearson Avenue with a space for washing and ironing located in the basement of the house, a proposal that was very well received for its originality and for the fact that it dignified a room until then quite ignored.


With this Deulonder press, he disembarked for the first time in Casa Decor in 1994, in the Barcelona edition.

In 1997, for the first time the Deulonder team presented a kitchen in a Casa Decor that was made in Via Layetana.

This kitchen was presented in the Barcelona edition in 1998, and combined furniture with a soft vanilla tone with the stainless steel of the walls. He had a lot of success for the open shelves directly supported by the Corian and the fantastic breakfast buffet, fully equipped.
   For the 1999 edition, which was made to Pearson Avenue, the Deulonder team went to occupy a room in the basement of the house to decorate a laundry room. A duct for dirty clothes was devised, so that it reached the room directly from the upper floors.
This is the wash and iron room of the Barcelona edition of 1999, a comfortable room full of details.
The star of the space was that module of ironing designed by Deulonder and that later has had much exit.

In 2003, the studio once again participated in Casa Decor with a large space that included, for the first time, an impressive Viking kitchen. In addition, there was a cellar, as well as a space for washing and ironing, a room for crockery, silver and table linen.

The kitchen of the 2003 edition, taupe green, orbited around an imposing Viking.
The envelopes and the sill were made of stainless steel.

The 2005 edition was the turn of a majestic kitchen with hanging furniture with a showcase door, very elegant and sophisticated.

Spectacular kitchen presented in 2005 in Barcelona.

In 2009 the interior design studio made an aesthetic turn with this North American kitchen that caused a furore.

Spectacular American style cuisine in the Barcelona edition of 2009.
The kitchen had a space for the dishes and this practical ironer. 

The kitchen of 2011 mixed the North American and British styles to create a spacious kitchen with slender glass screens and black carpentry. The space also had a pantry and a press with a very personal touch: the screen to the walls.

The white and the black dialogue in this comfortable and cozy kitchen.
All the interiors of the furniture are designed to favor the order in the kitchen. In this case, it is a box for the species, located next to the fire.
The pantry area had the complete Kitchen Aid system: a steam oven, a temperature chiller and a vacuum packer.

In 2013 Deulonder made the jump to Madrid, where he has participated every year since then. It was thought of a kitchen with glass partitions of white panels combined with the Corian envelope. A very successful element was the showcases with sliding doors on the envelope for the dishes.

The first time that Deulonder participated in Casa Decor Madrid, he did it with this kitchen with a press and food area, which won the First Prize of the Public.
The press area had a few retractable door cabinets, which allows everything to be stored when not in use.
Some elegant cuarterones, painted the same color as the furniture, served to separate spaces without breaking the field of vision and conferring a feeling of spaciousness to the whole.

2016 was the year of a new triumph for Deulonder with a «family room» full of details and fully equipped technologically.

Deulonder again won the First Prize of the Public 2016 with this splendid kitchen presented in Madrid.
The kitchen included a pantry in conjunction with the rest of the kitchen.
The kitchen included a pantry in conjunction with the rest of the kitchen.

The last time Deulonder participated in Casa Decor was in the last edition of 2017. Then he created a luminous kitchen that had copper utensils as a decorative element. A kitchen dream!

The kitchen of the latest edition of Casa Decor Madrid, in 2017, combined the taupe color of the furniture with the copper decoration. It incorporated a small pantry and a dining area with some showcases.

So far the trip through some designs designed for Casa Decor, a trip that serves to see the aesthetic evolution of the Deulonder studio. For Chone de la Sotilla and Lluïsa Deulonder participating is always a challenge, a stimulus to continue thinking and imagining beautiful, practical and innovative distributions. From January 24 you can discover the new proposal of Casa Decor Madrid, which will be open until March 10 in Calle Núñez de Balboa. We wait for you!

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