The making of the Christmas greeting, Deulonder inside

Every year the Deulonder team prepares with great enthusiasm to congratulate the Christmas holidays to all the people who make.

Four recipes for a tasty Christmas holiday

Plenty of food traditions brighten Christmas holidays around the world. At Deulonder, we love cooking and baking, we propose four.

The creative emotion of DISFRUTAR, awarded with the Michelin triplet in a record edition for Catalonia

EAt Deulonder we are always with our eyes wide open to know what is happening in the world of cooking.

An inspiring walk between Brussels and Paris

The interior designers Chone de la Sotilla and Lluïsa Deulonder have visited Brussels and Paris on a trip full of.

Williams Sonoma, an essential destination for cooking lovers

Within the summer series "Kitchen Shops of the World", we recommend this one specializing in kitchenware and selected food products.

Deulonder opens its space at Casa Decor Madrid

A new edition of Casa Decor has opened its doors this week and Deulonder presents a British-inspired kitchen-office Deulonder does.

A simple and colorful welcome cocktail for this Christmas

At Deulonder we propose an attractive recipe to welcome family and friends at home with a toast We already know.

Rain of Michelin stars in a year of good gastronomic harvest

Catalan cuisine is celebrating: the Torres brothers have won a third Michelin star At Deulonder we like to be up.

Deulonder visits the DECOREX fair in London and presents the latest news

Furniture, handles, lights... the most cutting-edge British design inspires Deulonder The interior designer Lluïsa Deulonder did not want to miss.

The royal monastery of Pedralbes opens its medieval garden to visitors

The Deulonder team, which always looks for solutions that respect the environment in its designs, proposes you to discover a.

The royal kitchens of Henry VIII

At Deulonder we are very clear that the kitchen is the heart of any home. This August we stopped to.

Émile Zola’s kitchen in Médan

Taking advantage of the vacation period, Deulonder proposes you to discover historical kitchens such as that of the author of.

Deulonder bets on Quooker, the faucet that does it all

Deulonder distributes Quooker Dutch taps that allow you to have cold, boiling and sparkling water Deulonder equips its kitchens with.

The latest trends from London and Paris

Deulonder Arquitectura Doméstica connects with the circuit of international novelties in terms of decoration and interior design Always restless and.

An autumn of fairs to discover the latest trends

Lluïsa Deulonder and Chone de la Sotilla have recently visited the Intergift and Architect @ Work fairs to keep up.

All the scents of the world gathered in one store: el Dock des épices

Bordeaux, a city with a recognized commercial tradition, is home to a spice shop with more than 150 varieties In.

A jeweled tearoom: Dammann Frères

Dammann Frères, one of the most historic stores in Paris in the tea trade, has seduced us walking through the.

A decoration full of history in the heart of Eixample

Lluïsa Deulonder and Chone de la Sotilla transform an old apartment in the heart of Eixample into a warm candy.

The delivery food craze reinvents itself

Among the varied take-away gastronomic offer we have noticed Aleix Puig's Vicio. In the face of the pandemic that has.

A little cake flavoured with rum and vanilla, the Bordeaux canelés.

Bordeaux, capital of New Aquitaine, is not only famous for its fine wines, which it exports all over the world.

When cooking is a matter of state

  The book 'A la table des présidents' reviews about sixty official banquets inspired by the best French cuisine The.

The tastiest cuisine with curator Maigret

    Literature and cuisine merge in the book Simenon i Maigret s’entaulen. The author is the historic French food.

Applications that reveal the quality of the food and products we consume

  Deulonder has tested two apps that guide the consumer when filling our shopping cart. In the well-stocked aisles of.

Casa Decor closes successfully an exceptional 2020 edition

The 55th edition of Casa Decor Madrid has closed its doors on the first weekend in July after five weeks.

Deulonder gets ready for the new edition of Casa Decor 2020

  Deulonder's team presents a "utility room" with all the features that characterize the style of their designs: order, warmth.

Catalan cuisine, awarded with a total of 65 Michelin stars

Chef Jordi Cruz and Alberto Durá at the Michelín 2020 Gala @GuiaMichelin. Every fall the prestigious stars awarded by the.

Víctor Manuel: «Cocinar me hace feliz»

The Aguilar publishing house has just published the cookbook 'Taste is mine. One tour through the flavors and memories of.

One volume brings together 40 interviews with the most sought-after chefs of the moment

Journalist Cristina Jolonch publishes "meat and bone", 40 conversations about gastronomy and life with names like Juan Mari Arzak, Pau.

Audley End’s English mansion discovers its sophisticated Victorian cuisine to visitors

The house museum allows you to see how they worked and what they prepared the dishes in this historic kitchen.

Deulonder opens the doors of Fortnum & Mason, one of the most glamorous food stores in London

  From teas to cookies of all kinds, this palace in the heart of London is the paradise of gourmets.

A new publishing label, Vibop, unites the world of wine with literature

From the wine-growing land of Maresme comes a new publishing label, Vibop, that unites the world of wine and literature..

Ruscalleda, protagonist of an exhibition at the Palau Robert

A reproduction of the shop of Ruscalleda's father in Sant Pol.   Considered one of the most important cooks in.

Aromatic herbs in the kitchen

The aromatic plants are excellent allies in the kitchen, not only because they improve our dishes with their natural aromas,.

Deulonder receives for third time the Public Award in Casa Decor 2019

We propose a review of some of the kitchens that Deulonder has presented over 25 years in Casa Decor From.

Casa Decor’19, the «making off»

Behind the splendid kitchen-living room that Deulonder has presented at Casa Decor Madrid, months of work are hidden during which.

Deulonder participates in the new edition of Casa Decor Madrid 2019, an unmissable event in the world of interior design

We propose a review of some of the kitchens that Deulonder has presented over 25 years in Casa Decor From.

The kitchens of Barcelona, ​​the evolution of a society

A Book studies the kitchens of Barcelona from 1859 to 1976, and offers a portrait of how this central space.

The best cakes in the heart of Gràcia

Casa Sil’s Cakes American Pastry brings to the heart of the Gracia district of Barcelona the best tradition of American.

The romantic kitchen of Georges Sand

George Sand is a French writer known for being an avant-la-lettre feminist, a woman liberated and admired by nineteenth-century European.

The Àpat fair reveals the best local food for your kicthen

The Àpat fair makes us discover the best foods for your kitchen produced in Catalonia the first weekend of October.

Picasso’s kitchen, an essential exhibition

Picasso's Museum in Barcelona hosts an exhibition that links the artist with gastronomy and cuisine, a sea of ​​relationships that.

Gaggenau reveals his kitchen secrets in a master class

    Chef Javier Llanos offers a master class in the Gaggenau kitchen showroom to show live the possibilities of.

The kitchen genius, Ferran Adrià, reinvents El Bulli

Ferran Adrià, for many the best chef in the world, plans to turn El Bulli into a center for research.

Miele presents a revolutionary oven at the fair in Milan

Chone de la Sotilla and Lluïsa Deulonder travel to the fair in Milan to catch up on the latest trends.

Thousand and one islands, Deulonder solutions

The islands are an ideal resource to take advantage of the central space of the kitchen. We propose to review.

Casa Ruíz, the paradise of legumes

Good ingredients are needed to cook well and Casa Ruíz offers some of the best legumes, cereals and rice dishes.

A recipe of «buñuelos»

Chubby and tempting, the fritters are a typical Easter sweet but it is always a good time to prepare them.

World stores, the Suiss chocolatier Läderach

Switzerland is a country known, among other things, for preparing the best chocolate in the world. Deulonder visited the Läderach.

Christmas recipes around the world

Christmas parties are synonymous with specific recipes for these dates so indicated: cakes, meat, soups, we take a look at.

World stores: The hollandese «Dille & Kamille»

Interior and exterior decoration objects, all of refined taste, is what you will find and Dille & Kamille, a store.

Carme Ruscalleda and Pilarín Bayés come together in a new and charming illustrated recipe book

Carme Ruscalleda publishes her most complete book, La magia de la cocina, a cookbook for the whole family illustrated by.

A bookshop with personality: Casa Usher

In the same neighborhood where Deulonder is located we find Casa Usher bookshop, which pays special attention to cookbooks Casa.

A visit to royal kitchens

Among the multiple offer of gastronomic documentaries, Deulonder recommends "Cuisine Royale" a series that introduces the viewer into the kitchens.

Winter color symphony

Deulonder proposes a tasty and colorful winter recipe, a degreasing and healthy salad designed by Chone de la Sotilla Chone.

The confectionery Padreny de Reus, masters of the panellets

November arrives and the shop windows of the bakeries are filled with the famous balls wrapped with pine nuts. One.

Samantha Vallejo-Nágera comments on her new Deulonder kitchen on her blog

Chef Samantha Vallejo-Nágera presents her new Deulonder kitchen on her blog, SamyWorld Presenter of the popular TVE Master Chef cooking.

Jaume Fàbrega reveals the secrets of ancient cuisine in a new volume

What was the kitchen of our ancestors like? Jaume Fàbrega reveals the dishes of the Iberians, the Greeks and the.

A new way of cooking: Crockpotting

Cooking slowly, old-fashioned, but without having to be hooked to the stove for hours: this is what the Crok Pot.

World shops: The Whole Foods Market

In Deulonder we like to discover stores related to the world of cooking where you can find rare and selected.

Bulk oil: the new European trend

Oil & Vinegar is a store that sells olive oil in bulk: the new trend in food Olive oil does.

Copper, a material that dresses up the kitchen

Copper, this metal of aged flaire and elegant, is back in fashion with more refined and practical designs. Deulonder has.

Deulonder team visits Casa Decor Madrid 2017

It is already an annual tradition that the team of Deulonder visits Casa Decor in Madrid, a trip that serves.

Market products: four new titles

Among the handouts of recipes published monthly, we have looked at these monographs, "Productes de mercat", which shows the possibilities.

The summer recipe: Tomato soup with seafood

With the heat of summer, which this year 2017 has arrived nearly a month ahead, one feels like eating only.

The inauguration of Casa Decor Madrid 2017

Deulonder participates in a new edition of Casa Decor Madrid, which opened with a party on the 10th of May 2017..

Casa Decor Madrid: the Making Off

Deulonder participates in a new appointment with Casa Decor Madrid with a spectacular kitchen that includes a dining area. We.

The best «buñuelos»; Those of the bakery «Roura»

One of the characteristic candies of Lent is the fritters. We propose you to visit the Roura oven where some.

The most chic «monas» of the Boulevard Saint-Germain

From the outside it looks like jewelry, but it's actually a chocolate shop; Patrick Roger makes some sophisticated design monkeys.

The Deulonder e-store, more items, more secure

Deulonder renews its online store, which is now easier to use and contains more exclusive products for our customers The Deulonder.

An exhibition traces the interactions between design and gastronomy


MamáCris, a real cook of the XXI century


Maison&Object París 2017: The best ideas for Deulonder kitchens

Every January, Lluïsa Deulonder and Chone de la Sotilla have an unmissable date in Paris: the Maison & Objet fair,.

Maison&Objet Off: Paris is a party of elegant and original shops

On the fringes of the Maison & Objet fair, Paris is adorned during the days of the event and, despite.

The «Roscón de Reyes»: home recipe tested by Deulonder

The "Roscón de Reyes" puts the colophon to a party full of sweets, so we propose a light recipe that.

Christmas card; The Making Off

This year Deulonder congratulates Christmas in a very original way: a video set at the rhythm of a Christmas song. We.

A puzzle made of «turrones»

Bocí bakery offers original patchworks of flavors that leave behind the traditional "turrón" bars It is typical of Christmas that, once.

The yummiest food can be found in Olot

Olot hosts this weekend of October the 5th edition of Orígens, an ideal fair for gourmets wanting to discover new.

30 years of Celler de Can Roca

The Celler de Can Roca, recognized the years 2013 and 2015 as the best restaurant in the world according to.

Pomze, a restaurant in Paris that renders tribute to apples

The apple, a simple fruit but of Biblical category, is the great protagonist of Pomze, our "coup de coeur" Deulonder,.

A totally visual recipe book: Simplisimo

 Recetas para el día a día, resultonas y prácticas de hacer: ésto es lo que propone este nuevo recetario, Simplísimo..

An intelligent surface in our kitchen

Dupont just launched to the market a Corian countertop that charges the mobile wirelessly In Deulonder we have always defended the.

First edition of the Organic festival arrives in Barcelona

The Orgànic Festival is held on 15 and 16 d'October 2016 at the Maritime Museum Organic, along with ecological, is.

The opening of Casa Decor 2016 Madrid gathers authorities and celebrities

The opening of Casa Decor Madrid 2016, on May 18, portends a stellar edition which brings together the best interior.

Deulonder prepares de latest details of the exhibited kitchen in Casa Decor Madrid 2016

Deulonder participates for the third time in Casa Decor Madrid, in a special edition devoted entirely to the kitchen which.

In memory of Mey Hofmann

Deulonder remembers Mey Hofmann a main figure of Catalan cuisine that leaves us prematurely at the age of 69 years Deulonder’s entire team mourns.

Milan Fair: novelties in the world of decoration

The Milan Furniture Fair is one of the essential annual events for Chone de la Sotilla and Lluïsa Deulonder, who.

The new objets of Deulonder e-Store: aesthetic and durable

Our virtual store is renewed with products for both the kitchen and for the ironing room carefully chosen by the.

«Llibre d’aparellar of menjar»: an unpublished medieval Catalan cuisine

Barcino publishers and restaurant 7 Portes de Barcelona has just published the most extensive catalan medieval recipe book, the «Llibre.

The culinary genius: An exhibition at the Archaeology Museum of Catalonia

An exhibition at the Archaeology Museum of Catalonia displays archaeological remains from a culinary perspective and traces the evolution of.

«Coca de calçots y alcachofas»: an original and alternative recipe

In full Calçots season, the founder and interior designer of Deulonder Chone of the Sotilla, a curious and demanding cook, offers you.

The coolest chocolate «monas» in Barcelona

At this time of the year, the windows of all bakeries and pastry shops are filled with chocolate cakes of all.

The new «Ninot» market of Barcelona: an experience to be lived

Barcelona has renewed its market «Ninot» just a few months ago has completed the reform nearby Hospital Clínic: let’s pay a.

Marguerite Duras’ kitchen

The French writer was a great lover of the kitchen. She wrote a little booklet containing her favorite recipes Cooking was.

Maison Objet’16: Deulonder’s «coups de coeur»

Maison & Object is one of the essential annual events in the world of decoration, and Lluïsa Deulonder and Chone.

Redescovering the modernist kitchen

El escritor gastronómico Jaume Fàbrega continúa su serie histórica con un nuevo volumen «La cuina modernista», publicado por Viena Fàbrega.

Redescovering bread, a trend that Deulonder bears in mind

Magazines, books, opening bakeries everywhere … seems that we have rediscovered bread, a humble food but with great potential. We.

Lemon Cake recipe elaborated with the nicest «menage»

In the new e-Store Deulonder finds a selection of the best menage products for cooking: here it goes a live demonstration! One.

Aesthetic and practical: In our Deulonder store you will find the best pans in the market

 With removable and stackable handle the eStore pans are top of the range in comfort, ideal to have in modern kitchens designed.

Houzz visits Barcelona to explain the tricks of the platform

Representatives of Houzz, the most international interior design platform  in the world, visit Barcelona to explain the keys of the website. Deulonder.

Complete menus in 10 minutes. Is it possible? Ismael Prados shares with us some tricks.

The last recipe book of Ismael Prados proposes dishes that can be prepared in ten minutes but, even better, balanced.

Visiting Recipease Jamie Oliver’s restaurant-shop in London

Cookbooks, television programs, campaigns for a healthy eating … Jamie Oliver is a phenomenon in the UK where cooking now.

Halloween, a recipe to make really scary cookies!!

On the occasion of the celebration of Halloween, a party imported from the United States to the delight of children,.

Josper, el Rolls-Royce of the grill ovens

 Josper is a family company that manufactures in Pineda de Mar a unique set of ovens on the market: an.

Deulonder ironing room modules: When ironing is a pleasure

One of the products that you can find the new e- Store Deulonder are our wooden modules conceived and designed.

How to cook mushrooms, the new recipe book of Sergi de Meià

Fall equals mushrooms. It’s time to leave the leadership of this forest product in our dishes, in order to do so we.

New Deulonder e-Store: A new selection for your kitchen

Deulonder launches an online store, e-Store, where you will find a selection of decorative objects and menage for your kitchen and.

Mobile app for a better cooking: Deulonder selection

From kid games to complete kitchen recipes, the world of gastronomy has not missed the opportunity to explore new horizons such.

Boiling water always ready: The quooker

In order to prepare teas, infusions, coffe or to accelerate the cooking process of some food, the boiling water tap.

When the kitchen is the star of the movie

Mostly-Martha; Julie & Julia; Ratatouille; Le chef; Un sommelier en la Provenza… and lately two movies, Haute Cuisine y The hundred-foot Journey are inspired in the kitchen.

Tricks to have everything ready to return to school

September arrives and with it the return to school for the little ones home. Deulonder  will suggest to you how.

Miami inspirations

The United States has always been a source of inspiration for Deulonder. Luisa Deulonder, travelled to the new continent this.

Strawberry and yogurt ice cream

Ice creams are the joy of summer and refresh any food with metallic taste and sparkling. We propose a natural.

Charming stores: Marseille

Known for its soaps and aromatherapy and crowned by the majestic Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore, Marseille, the second largest city.

Cooking on wheels: the phenomenon

It is an American trend that has come to stay in our country and give color to our summer evenings.

U-line range: A different approach

The American brand of appliances U- Line, a leader in the manufacture of refrigerators under worktop, introduces an alternative and.

New luxury kitchen La Cornue in Deulonder showroom

Deulonder has a new luxury kitchen in their showroom Muntaner, 231 of Barcelona dedicated to the prestigious French house La.

DEULONDER’S best «Coca de San Juan» recipe

Deulonder celebrates San Juan, one of the most anticipated Catalan festivities of the year, which marks the beginning of summer and the.

The Deulonder tapas route

Deulonder is going on a tapas route around Barcelona! Here are two of the best places where you can taste.

The Sweet Life of Renata Carrillo

Renata Carrillo can still vividly remember  the smell of the «torrijas» she made every Sunday morning with her mum. «My mother, who’s an excellent cook,.

Barcelona Design Museum

Since last December, Barcelona has a new must-visit hangout: the Design Museum, located in the Hub building, in Plaza de las Glorias..

Maison Objet Paris 2015

Every January, a visit to the Maison & Objet fair in Paris  (23-27 / 01/2015) is a must for Lluïsa.

Ecological food at your doorstep

Those shiny, big, red apples found in the countryside – that look more like gems rather than actual fruits- are not so far.

The Capsulitis Coffee Machine

  It all started when Nespresso (Nestlé) introduced the possibility of tasting deliciously (home-made) coffee, thanks to an (almost) professional machine tailored.

Jordi Roca’s Desserts

The younger of the Roca brothers, Jordi Roca, has released a new book containing a selection of the best desserts.

The «Salone del Mobile», Milano

Every semester, Chone de la Sotilla and Lluïsa Deulonder have a date in Milan at The Salone del Mobile, global.

Chocolate Always Brings Heartfelt Memories.

Care Santos tells us about Desig de xocolata, winner of the Ramon Llull 2013 author’s prize. Your novel binds the.

A Stroll Through Milano

Milan is a city that invites you to stroll through its smart, elegant streets and have a nosy in all.

If you like Paris, you really must visit the following places:

Do you like porcelain? Well in Paris, you will discover one of the most original stores you can find specialising.

Succulent Novelties From Maison & Object Paris

Once again the two interior designers from Deulonder, Luïsa Deulonder and Chone de la Sotilla travelled to París (at high.

Jordi Roca’s Desserts

The youngest of the Roca brothers, Jordi Roca, has just released a new book Cuinem a casa les postres de.

Interview with Jaume Fàbrega

Apples stuffed with meat, a plate named after the battle of Almansa, caterpillar sauce or pancakes, are some of the.

Cooking Well with Joan Roca

Among the culinary novelties of this month, Joan Roca’s new treasure is in the spotlight. Cuina amb Joan Roca (Columna).

Casa Decor Madrid 2013 Audience Award

Estrenamos nuestro blog recordando nuestro paso por la última edición de Casa Decor Madrid 2013 donde nuestro espacio recibió el.