DEULONDER’S best «Coca de San Juan» recipe

Deulonder celebrates San Juan, one of the most anticipated Catalan festivities of the year, which marks the beginning of summer and the start to our holidays.

One of the symbols of this special night, which is also related to bonfires and fireworks, is the «coca de San Juan«.

The Coca is one of Catalunya’s oldest pastry recipes. It is eaten on the night of San Juan, which is during the 23rd to the 24th June. It is not a difficult pastry to bake, so we suggest you try making one at home. Also, children can enjoy decorating the dough with candied fruit or pine nuts.

These are the ingredients you will need to bake two Cocas de San Juan, a recipe offered to you by our the architect Ana Sotilla, who is a passionate baker. You can check out more of her great culinary and pastry ideas on her blog: Arqui-Sweet.520 gr. flour; 40 gr. compressed yeast; 100 cc of milk; 100 sugar; 75 g butter; 4 eggs; A little bit of salt; 1 glass of anise; 1 teaspoon of ground anise; lemon zest.

In order to prepare the sourdough (or masa madre), pour half of the (100cc) warm milk in a bowl. In the same bowl, melt the compressed yeast and add 8 or 9 tablespoons of flour. Cover the mix and let it rise until the yeast bubbles appear. If you desire to bake this coca in a Thermomix, you must pour the milk into the tin and mix for 2 minutes at 37 degrees V-1. Then, let the mixture rest.


In order to make the coca dough, pour the rest of the flour into the Thermomix bowl, alongside all the other ingredients. Only pour half of the milk. Mix it all up for a few seconds at V-6. After that, turn down the speed and mix for 4 minutes.
Next, add the sourdough into the mix with a spatula and add the remaining milk.
Mix this for few seconds to V-6. Again, turn down the speed and mix for 4 minutes.
The dough must have an elastic texture. If the dough sticks to your fingers, add more flour. Place the dough on a flat surface and roll it to 1cm thick. Now, decorate the coca with fruit, pine nuts… You can even varnish it with a mixture made out of beaten eggs, water and sugar. Cover the coca with a plastic wrap and leave the cake to rest until it doubles in size.


Coca de San Juan
Coca de San Juan. Image taken from the Generalitat de Catalunya web.

Finally, introduce the coca into the oven at 160-170ºc for 10-13 minutes. Serve on a nice plate and…

Happy San Juan!



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