Deulonder team visits Casa Decor Madrid 2017

It is already an annual tradition that the team of Deulonder visits Casa Decor in Madrid, a trip that serves to welcome summer and say goodbye before the summer holidays

They were months of hard work and stress, but finally Casa Decor, which closed its doors last June 18, has been a year more a success of public and critics. The team in full Deulonder took the AVE to travel from Barcelona, ​​where the headquarters are located, to Madrid, to discover the materialization of one of the most important projects of the studio: the kitchen of Casa Decor. The trip was held on June 15, and after visiting the building and the rest of the decorated spaces, they were all to eat in a restaurant to celebrate the success of the new edition of Casa Decor.

This year Deulonder has not been able to participate in the prizes awarded at Casa Decor for having won in the two previous editions. The good news is that part of the kitchen has been sold and will go to a fantastic house in Santander.

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