Film and Cook Festival

Film and Cook Festival

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For the fourth year (in a row), the Film & Cook Festival offers a selection of the most interesting films related to gastronomy. With a double debut, both in Madrid and Barcelona, the event provides showcooking programs, where five star chefs will display their work, live on stage. For the 2014 edition -which takes place during the 22nd and 23rd of November- you will see Ricardo Sanz’s savoir faire (who leads the renown Kabuki Japanese Restaurant, in Barcelona) or Miramar’s chef Paco Pérez’s skills.

This year’s theme is Mexico, so you will be able to meet guest chef Rodrigo Flores, from the Mexican restaurant La Hacienda Morales. The sweet-toothed should not fret. Mexican chef Alejandra Rivas (spoused to Jordi Roca, from El Celler de Can Roca), who runs the restaurant Rocambolesc, in Girona, is in charge of providing the desserts… A gourmet ice cream parlor will be displayed, a kind of test lab where they make desserts developed previously by Roca in El Celler.

Alejandra Rivaschef

Regarding the film program, Barcelona attendees will see; Marc Fàbregas’ Cuinant and Love in point, by Teresa Pilgrim-Dominic Harari. Fàbregas’ film, released in 2014, is a comedy starring Alex and Paula, who have to prepare a dinner for some very special guests: their exes. Whilst cooking, both review their feelings, reactions and emotions emerge that neither of them expect. Peregrine Dominic Harari’s film (2013) is also a comedy. Set in Dublin, a popular Irish food critic is inspired by a Spanish immigrant to follow his heart rather than just his appetite.


After each screening, a cook makes a showcooking with dishes that appear in the film presented previously. Additionally, the public is allowed to ask the chef anything and talk with him or her… A great opportunity to learn about the chef’s secrets.

«Films related to gastronomy are getting better and better, that is why I thought it would be a good idea to marry both themes: food and film, in order to reach a wider audience,» says Veronica Escuer, director of the Film & Cook Festival.

The films presented in the program are chosen primarily for their quality but also for the themes each present, which is varied. The program combines both new and classic films. For example, The Shining, by Stanley Kubrick will be shown.

Escuer also highlights that, besides the large presence of Mexican cuisine, the Festival includes a unique opportunity to see the products offered by Market & Pruebo, at the Aribau Club Hall. «The access to this venue is totally free and the customer can find a wide range of products by Organic Gourmet, based on the principles of organic farming, as well as artisanal breads by Turris. As for Mexican products, there will be a tequila tasting, sponsored by brands such as Tequila Herradura, Enmezcalarte and Sotol», says the director.


The entire program can be found at the festival’s website:

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