Four recipes for a tasty Christmas holiday

Plenty of food traditions brighten Christmas holidays around the world. At Deulonder, we love cooking and baking, we propose four very different ones to encourage you to try different and varied recipes.

In France you cannot say that Christmas has been celebrated properly if the meal does not conclude with a Bouche de Noël. If in Catalonia we have the tradition of Tió, in France they eat this Tió.

Indeed, it is a cake in the shape of a piece of firewood filled with cream, a bit in the style of a gypsy arm.

We propose this super easy and simple Marmiton recipe, 55 minutes to prepare.

In Italy we already know that they cannot go without panettone, a tradition that is increasingly gaining popularity in our home

Several pastry shops, bakeries and supermarkets sell them, but you can also prepare them at home without too much problem.

In this case, we propose the recipe from the DAP Desserts blog.

The typical Anglo-Saxon Christmas cookies, or cookies, could not be missing.

Like wafers, they are the typical sweet that always turns out well and also serves to decorate the Christmas tree. Without forgetting that they are very fun to prepare, especially with boys and girls.

They know how to make them perfectly on the Peque recipes blog, a website that also offers different varieties.

And for the most daring, we propose the Russian Kings Cake by French chef Simon. This cake is typical in cold countries with a Slavic tradition and has chocolate, nuts, caramel and poppy seeds.

The total preparation time is one hour and ten minutes, but the result is tempting. Of course, for its preparation you need, among other items, three 20 cm round molds.

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