Gaggenau reveals his kitchen secrets in a master class



Chef Javier Llanos offers a master class in the Gaggenau kitchen showroom to show live the possibilities of their amazing appliances

The two interior designers of Deulonder, Lluïsa Deulonder and Chone de la Sotilla, attended the master class recently offered by chef Llanos, a «Gaggenau experience» that serves to see and verify live all the possibilities of the appliances of this prestigious German brand for a kitchen: the vacuum packer, the steam oven, the total induction cooker and the Teppan yaki. On the menu: a briox of mushrooms and bacon, a salad of knives, hazelnuts and asparagus, and a kid’s back, cherry tomato and basil.

The cook showed in this magnificent kitchen, the procedure for vacuum packaging: the food is placed inside a special plastic bag, the air is removed and then the food is cooked at a low temperature in a steam oven. This type of cooking favors the meat (here the lamb’s back) are tender and tasty because they are cooked for many hours. Once vacuum packed, then, it is baked and cooked little by little. In the case of the lamb they are 9 hours at 80 degrees and at 30% steam.

A detail; the oven door can be opened during cooking without this adversely affecting the process and you can cook different foods at the same time. All cooking liquids are collected in a tray located at the bottom. On the other hand, Llanos also cooked steamed asparagus and then passed them through the Teppan yaki. The knives also cooked with a touch of steam and were very natural. Another version proposed by the chef was the vacuum-packed razor with a hazelnut cream and oil, and all cooked in a steam oven.

With this experience you can clearly see how different flavors and textures are achieved with the same food, but different cooking.

Among the novelties of Gaggenau stands out the new generation of refrigerators, which have been renovated inside with a very careful interior aesthetics, splendid lighting and mechanisms designed to easily manipulate the shelves and to adapt them to the needs of the user. These are refrigerators that have cutting edge technology and very low energy consumption.

The experience was very positive and serves to know in depth the benefits of some appliances that Deulonder, official distributor of Gaggenau, recommends its customers for their kitchen.

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