Houzz visits Barcelona to explain the tricks of the platform

Representatives of Houzz, the most international interior design platform  in the world, visit Barcelona to explain the keys of the website.

Deulonder has been one of the first companies that have integrated Houzz, which recently landed in Spain. Houzz is a North American source platform that brings together interior design professionals around the world under one umbrella. Share ideas , collaborate and gain visibility on social networks are some of the objectives of this website that has over 35 million users worldwide .

image connects not only professionals but also lovers of design, architecture and interior designs that can find inspiration in the collected images, more than eight million. Deulonder has a wide representation on this platform where photographs of best projects can be found and also Deulonder produces the so-called » album of ideas «, practical and highly visual articles on various topics around the kitchen .

In Houzz the users can find and write valuations about Deulonder projects and other registered professionals



In the Open Houzz celebrated on November 24 in Barcelona, Jose Gaztelu explained the advantages of this platform to a hundred industry professionals as part of an evening in the decoration studio Cassina shop Diagonal Barcelona street number 369.


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