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How to make a great pot of tea.

Black, red or green tea, this ancient drink (the most consumed drink in the world following water!) stormed into our country a few years ago and nowadays it is relatively easy to find little tea shops scattered about town with a “tea menu” as well as tea shops specialising in the sale of every variety of tea.

Tea offers so much, not only as a stimulant, a characteristic shared with coffee, but also many specialise in providing health and wellness to our systems. Take for example white tea, which contains unique antioxidants called flavonoids and red tea, which is particularly good for helping you unwind and relax.

Deulonder know tea connoisseurs need excellent storage space, as they often like to experiment with diverse aromas and tastes. These tea experts also keep different sets of teapots and cups, along with stylish infusers. Tea preparation will vary according to the type of tea.

An electric kettle is the most practical appliance to boil water, although many prefer to use the hob, a traditional way to heat water in the kitchen.

Deulonder recommends installing Quooker, the tap that immediately dispenses boiling water for multiple uses and applications.

The length of time your tea needs to brew will vary depending on the type of tea and the consumer. However, it is better to pour the water in the kettle when it is between 85 and 95 degrees centigrade, if hotter, you could scald the tea and give it a bitter taste.

In other cases, as recommended with the Japanese green tea Kukicha, rich in antioxidants and low in tannin content and tea caffeine, this infusion should simmer for a few minutes, so a small pot will be required. Moroccan mint tea is another one to boil for a period of time to improve the taste. For mint tea, you could also try Pingshui gunpowder, a green tea from China and mix it with fresh mint leaves. Is it called gunpowder because each leaf has been rolled into a small, tight pellet that explodes when steeped; like gunpowder. Let the tea ceremony begin!

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