Jordi Roca’s Desserts

The younger of the Roca brothers, Jordi Roca, has released a new book containing a selection of the best desserts of Celler de Can Roca: Cocinamos en casa los postres de Jordi Roca (Ara Llibres).


To define his work at the prestigious restaurant, Jordi Roca has created a neologism. He calls himself a «desserter» and his mission is to complement the savory chef and the sommelier (his own brothers Joan and Josep Roca). Needless to say, the book presents recipes full of imagination and color, which can be prepared at home (only with a little patience and refinement). The recipes are divided into four sections: inspiration, memory, and party classics.


BEcky Lawton Cuinem a casa les postres de Jordi Roca
BEcky Lawton
Cuinem a casa les postres de Jordi Roca


These inspirational desserts often have a scent (Carolina Herrera, Dior Hypnotic Poison) as a starting point and propose extravagant and exquisite combinations between textures, ingredients and flavors. In «Lolita Lempicka» for example, the wise cook joins violet jam with edible flowers and caramelized apples, composing an original and colorful dish.

Foto de Becky Lawton Cuinem a casa les postres de Jordi Roca
Foto de Becky Lawton
Cuinem a casa les postres de Jordi Roca


In the “Memory” section, desserts such as «Tangerine jam Foam Creme Brulee» or «Loquats with Honey and Cheese» are described. In the “Party” fragment, though, the desserts tone up to be accompanied by cava. Pistachio «Macarons», » Passion Fruit foam» or » roses with litxi foam » are some of the recipes composed.

Among the classics, Roca transforms your “every day” meals into lifetime recipes. The result: a «Carrot Cake Tatin» or a «Beet Cake Tatin», «mango Crema Catalan» or » baked peach strudel «.

Jordi Roca also claims infusions can stand as a great dessert. In this book, the chef surprises us with a Maria Luisa infusion, brewed with peaches and mint, his renown ‘Blackberries Infusion with merlot and anchovies «or a» Strawberries Infusion». Our coup de coeur: the «Macarons» blossom.

Foto de Becky Lawton
Foto de Becky Lawton

English photographer Becky Lawton, one of the highly regarded photographers in the gastronomy scene, took all the photos in this book. She has collaborated with Jordi Roca since 2006.

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