Josper, el Rolls-Royce of the grill ovens

 Josper is a family company that manufactures in Pineda de Mar a unique set of ovens on the market: an intelligent combination of oven grill and grill that Deulonder is pleased to recommend.

One of the main advantages of the grill Josper, a completely closed and refractory box, is that it achieves a high temperature at high speed, so that the cooking time is reduced. Food also does not lose moisture and preserves all its tenderness and flavor. The grill operates at a temperature of between 300 ° and 350 °.


The oven has two grills that can play with the different cooking styles, barbecues, meats and grilled vegetables. Even calçots are baked to lick your fingers!

The Josper feed furnaces with charcoal, and its consumption is up to 40% lower than in a traditional barbecue. There are four models depending on the number of guests (150, 100, 70 and 40) and domestic use is as indoor or outdoor, and industrial in restaurants. It is a very practical appliance for Steak Houses, braseries and traditional restaurants. Thanks to being fully closed, the oven Josper provides optimal working conditions for cooks since the impact of the constant heat is avoided and prevent burns. Deulonder has installed on more than one occasion the domestic oven JOSPER HJX38 of countertop.


The ignition time is approximately 25 minutes daily consumption ranges between 6-8 kg of charcoal. With this oven you can cook many dishes and is ideal for massive meals with family and friends. Josper is a name that comes from the two founders Josep Armengué, the blacksmith of Pineda four years ago, and Pere Juli, owner of the restaurant Mas Pins and pulling forward the company that was started almost fifty years ago.


Currently, the company has about fifty employees and manufactures furnaces sold more than eighty countries. In Russia, for example, they are all the rage, and some of the most luxurious hotels in the city and have the unique grilled Josper. Besides, they have the Pura Brasa restaurant franchise with local spread throughout Catalonia.


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