Kitchens or musical instruments?

Thanks to an agreement signed in Paris, the Deulonder Studio is now official distributor for the French La Cornue cooker range, one of the most prestigious in the industry, the Tiffany of ranges and ovens.

But who is La Cornue? Why are they so unique to be coveted by all culinary lovers? For starters, more than cooker manufacturers seem to be master “luthiers” – stringed-instrument craftsman, since each piece is treated with the same tenderness and care as a Stradivarius violin.

Put simply, these kitchen ranges do not come off a production line, each cooker, each Château (a magnanimous gas stove model 1200mm wide) are only produced to order, individually hand-made with patience and pride. Only noble materials are used, selected and chosen for their quality and their longevity: cast iron, steel, solid brass, nickel and enamel. Only a few hundred « Châteaux » are steadily built per year and assembled by hand by one person; this person will follow production through to the end and finalise every last detail. Each kitchen range is monitored, controlled and tested at all the stages of production and takes about two months to come to light.

And it shows. Quality, quality, quality. Behind this brand lies a family with pedigree; the Dupuy who have strived for three generations to achieve excellence in everything they produce. Under the management of the founder’s grandson Xavier Dupuy, the brand is practically a legend in France, where no kitchen can be really considered a kitchen if it does not run one of these culinary Ferraris.

Some of the units we particularly like, besides the magnificent Château of course, is the Flamberge which this year we have chosen for you to discover at Casa Decor Madrid. It is a traditional roasting oven, easy to use and creates great dishes without being Ferran Adrià.

We have also selected some of the new elements from the brand new La Cornue Refrigerator cold line: a vast Stainless Steel refrigerator covered inside with a Stainless Steel anti-bacterial finish over internal surfaces, plus a unique wine storage unit providing optimal maintenance with its own electronic temperature control.

Together these elements dress our kitchen as well as providing the latest technology: with La Cornue know we have guaranteed success.

And not wishing to make anybody envious, but if you wish to see the lavishness that cooking with La Cornue involves, click on the link to watch Norwegian chef Eyvind Hellstrom, 2 Michelin Guide (2009) stars, “up to his elbows ” relishing his Cornue.

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