Market products: four new titles

Among the handouts of recipes published monthly, we have looked at these monographs, «Productes de mercat», which shows the possibilities that can give the most classic foods available.

The new four issues deal with mussels, by Alberto Gressier; The pear, from Fina Comas; The «Calçots» II, by Bet Florensa Casals and the butifarra, by Pierrette Chandela.

Summer food par excellence, the book dedicated to mussels review twelve ways to prepare them, some of them as creative as with white wine and Iberic ham. Another recipe that has caught our attention is «Taps of Artichoke with coulant of mussels».

Alberto Gressier did internships at El Bulli, in Roses. He is currently the chef and manager of the restaurant «Els quatre rellotges», in Argentona (Maresme).

«Near the San Juan party, the first pears arrive,» recalls Fina Comas, responsible for this volume dedicated to this tasty fruit. The author of the blog «Cuina cinc» shows all the juice that can be extracted to the pear with eleven original recipes. For example, «Rabbit with pears», or «Duck with pears of Puigcerdà». Despite being a humble fruit, you can also dress up great dishes, such as «Antoinette pear juice from Preixana» or «Pears Bella Helena».

Graduated in the Hoffmann School of Barcelona, ​​Bet Florensa has been dedicated to explore the possibilities of calçots. There is life beyond the calçots with romesco and this is demonstrated by Florensa with some recipes to lick your the fingers: «Fritters of calçots in their sauce», «Grilled Calçots with confitated tomato vinaigrette and pine nuts» or «Pastel Tatin de calçots «.

The butifarra, one of the most typical ingredients of Catalonia, gives a lot of play. This is demonstrated by Pierrette Chalendar, novelist and literary critic.  Chalendar proposes from the classic «Butifarra sweet of Ampurdán with beans and Swiss chard» to something more sophisticated like «Gachas with sweet butifarra of Girona». Our favorite: «Coques de recapte con butifarra».

These books, published by Sd Ediciones, constitute an extensive collection (published in Catalan). So far there have been titles such as rice, duck, eggplant, curry, mushrooms, vinegar, artichoke … and so on up to 58 products. The philosophy of the collection is to treat typical products in Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine in general, visited by renowned chefs and cooks of the country, such as Carme Ruscalleda, Xavier Pellicer, Pere Arpa or Ada Parellada. Others are anonymous chefs but also experts in cooking. The price of the books is 6.95 euros and can be found in general bookstores in Catalonia. They can also be purchased through the publisher’s website Sd. Ediciones .

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