Miami inspirations

The United States has always been a source of inspiration for Deulonder. Luisa Deulonder, travelled to the new continent this August and reveals the latest in household items in Miami


A prestigious shop located in downtown of this city of crocodiles shows door handles as if they were jewels. Exhibited in such a way, they look quite tempting.


But handles can also be found in the most unexpected places, such as in clothing stores. Who knows maybe they match the colors of the latest fashion season!



North Americans in general are famous for cooking very little at home and using a lot of frozen products that they microwave. Seeing these great household shops this seems more like a prejudice that should be reviewed … If they cooked so little at home who is buying all this great stuff?


Well-stocked, these menage stores are of spacious dimensions and propose all the utensils to prepare dishes such as pasta, pastries, etc, accompanied by corresponding cookbooks: Who can have it easier!

For pastry lovers, North American stores are a true “mecca”: you can find all kinds of utensils, aside from all sort of sophisticated food products.

We have had a closer look at this set of tools specifically designed for cooking and eating lobster.




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