Casa Decor closes successfully an exceptional 2020 edition

The 55th edition of Casa Decor Madrid has closed its doors on the first weekend in July after five weeks of exhibition. This year, the state of alarm for the coronavirus pandemic forced the closure of the palace house at 21 Velazquez Street a week after Casa Decor opened on March 4. Three months later, Casa Decor was able to reopen its doors respecting all security measures and has been open for another five weeks.

Deulonder presented a dream «Utility Room», a warm space, like all the designs of Lluïsa Deulonder and Chone de la Sotilla, to be able to comfortably perform various household chores such as sewing, cleaning shoes or ironing. It was also designed to store utensils and packages that usually do not find any holes in the house, such as golf clubs, skis or suitcases.

Deulonder’s Utility Room also featured a number of innovative details, such as a pet wash basin inside a ventilated door closet, a handy vacuum cleaner with a battery that is charged inside a closet. , or a table for different uses, preparing a bouquet or making crafts, among others.


You can visit the space virtually at this link.

«It has been a test of fire for us but the public, once again, has responded very well and the proposal has been a success,» says Chone de la Sotilla. «We have been thrilled by the displays of affection we have received from the people who follow us each year and have also not wanted to miss this edition of Casa Decor, despite the difficult circumstances.» Chone de la Sotilla explains that they did the design with Lluïsa Deulonder, as always, with great enthusiasm, and although with this dark blue they came out of the shades they normally use in their spaces, the response from the public has been very positive, «liked it a lot.»


«Despite all the drawbacks of this edition marked by the crisis of the covid-19, the balance is positive: we have made an effort to think of new solutions such as new forms of cabinets and interiors,» adds Lluïsa Deulonder. «It is clear that the halt of the pandemic has reduced visits and has been a blow but we have been able to offer the virtual visit to the Utility Room, which has been sold, as every year, and we have adapted to the circumstances.» continues. “Everything we’ve experienced as creators has been enriching,” he concludes. For now, they already have their eyes set on the next edition and with the challenge of continuing to amaze Deulonder fans.


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