Complete menus in 10 minutes. Is it possible? Ismael Prados shares with us some tricks.

The last recipe book of Ismael Prados proposes dishes that can be prepared in ten minutes but, even better, balanced and nutritious too. His motto : «Open the refrigerator and optimize the food we bought «

Fotografia: Albert Salamé

Ismael Prados during the presentation of his book » Healthy Cooking 10 minutes Isma Prados » La Casa del Libro de Barcelona , a fabulous recipe book that go with the modern and efficient designs of Deulonder kitchens.

Being aware of what we eat, how to choose the ingredients to cook a tasty and nutritionally balanced dish. And on top of that: easy and quick to prepare!. This is what the cook Ismael Prados proposes in his book Healthy food in 10 minutes ( Amat Publishers in Catalan and Spanish ), a cookbook that was presented Wednesday November 11 at La Casa del Libro de Barcelona.

To eat well you do not need a good cooking, but good food choices and knowing how to combine them.


Prados with the sympathy and verve that characterizes him, spoke during the presentation of his book of the importance of food for our health : » Eating well is a preventive medicine, not a remedy, therefore, if we eat well two days and the rest we do not, it is like doing it wrong all together. » The book begins therefore a detailed explanation of families of food and the recommended amount of daily intake . «It was necessary to provide input to know certain things to choose from, including a restaurant , which one is more healthy and detect elements in our food, such as fat, salt or honey, to be especially controlled in our menu .»


Apply the » mantra » or » formula » proposed by Prados to select either the type of food and quantity is essential to cook healthy dishes such as the collection of 35 recipes featured in the book. And eating healthy is not at odds with fast cooking . During the presentation he demonstrated cooking a sui generis version of «xató» .


With ingredients to start with, very easy to find and cheap -salad, dried beans, granade , spring onion, mixed seeds and a tin of sardines he produced a complete, healthy and balanced dish ( beans), vegetables ( endive and onion), fruit ( Granade ), protein ( sardines), calcium ( sardines spine ) and fat ( romesco sauce prepared ). To eat as a single dish . Prados warned of the calories in the oil and therefore caught sardines with tweezers to remove the excess oil . » Proportionally, a teaspoon of oil equivalent to 120 grams of starch «



Other recipes that are collected in the book, and they are photographed closely to observe the proportions and final textures are » Potato salad , feta and smoked salmon «, » Ribs with leeks vinaigrette mustard » or » Suquet monkfish» . Additional ingredients are listed and cataloged according to the food group they belong to verify that the dish is complete and nutritionally balanced .

What type of food should we eat? According to Prados the best is an organic diet in the sense of eating whole foods. How Michael Pollan a North American activist, says do not eat anything that can not rot and that your grandma would not eat. ‘»

About the WHO warning regarding the consumption of red meat, that could produce cancer according to this organisation, Prados has a clear view: «It has been a clear warning about the excess of  read meat in our diet overall in countries such as the USA, and the fact is that if eaten in excess it brings up the cholesterol levels. In Europe the controls of the mear market are very high and the manipulation of meat is more limited.»

His advise though is to be prudent and eat with common sense.

Fotografia: Albert Salamé

Lluïsa Deulonder attended the presentation of the cookbook. Here pictured with Ismael Prados.


Finally, a curiosity . Pay attention to the «Holy Tortilla » proposed by the cook : When you have some vegetable leftovers in the fridge you can build an original omelet based on red pepper, zucchini, green beans and spinach leaves . And,… voilà !

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