Deulonder ironing room modules: When ironing is a pleasure

One of the products that you can find the new e- Store Deulonder are our wooden modules conceived and designed especially for ironing: they are so practical to use that this activity traditionally so heavy becomes an easy task.

Deulonder, which was pioneer in the whole country when it comes to designing spaces for ironing, ie rooms designed primarily to carry on tasks such as wash, dry , iron and storing clothes, realized that the typical folding ironing boards were not very practical: you never knew where to keep them, they were too small to iron sheets and other large pieces, it was a pain opening and closing them … so Deulonder decided to design their own ironing modules.

Ironing board designed by Deulonder
Ironing board designed by Deulonder

With years of experience in the shoulders and having in mind maximum efficiency as a goal, the interior designers of Deulonder, Luisa Deulonder and Chone de la Sotilla, thought in wooden modules ( a noble material which looks great in any space ) with the appropriate sizes for such activity, let’s not forget that is very physical . The module was designed with drawers to store a thousand things related to the ironing activity for example needles or aromatized water, clothes and shelves to store either the baskets to put clothes ready to go through the iron or clothes already ironed and smooth.

Ironing board module designed by Deulonder
Ironing board module designed by Deulonder

There are different models and sizes to fit different spaces and can be lacquered with the color that suits the client. A big advantage is that all modules are mobile, ie , they have built in wheels that allow the user to bring them to the most appropriate place to iron. Some models feature plugs for the iron and extensible tables annexed to enlarge the space of ironing.

module for the ironed clothes ready to bring to their wardrobes
module for the ironed clothes ready to bring to their wardrobes

Why would you recommend this modules?

Lluïsa Deulonder:

Because they are súper practical. We designed this modules for ironing because till then the ironing boards would be stuffed in whatever closet in the house. Opening them and folding them back after use was always a headache . So we thought: Why not invent a board nice to leave it permanently mounted on wheels for comfort? In addition, we added drawers to store things and make the most of the space it occupies and also shelves to store clothes.

Chone de la Sotilla:

Having the board already prepared and always ready for use is really handy because, as a user, having removed a folding table and putting  it back in the closet which is often small and full of brooms and other things, is very uncomfortable. However, having the board always open served at the same time as a table to perform other tasks , such as folding clothes or if you have a stool sew. In this sense, when we have more space the better. The module board can be supplemented also with the mobile module to store clothes, and used to distribute ironed clothes in different rooms, and it is very practical for families.

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