Mobile app for a better cooking: Deulonder selection

From kid games to complete kitchen recipes, the world of gastronomy has not missed the opportunity to explore new horizons such as the one of applications for mobile devices. Here is a selection of the most interesting ones.

Have you run out of ideas? With the application What do i cook today?, You will find inspiration quickly. It proposes up to 3.000 recipes of all kind which are also easy to make. It is also very helpful when we do not remember the ingredients to make a Tarte Tatin or lemon chicken. It is free, but you must be registered and provide your details.





One of the oldest is the veteran application, So Cookbook, nicely presented and with a variety of recipes from around the globe and also from blogs and magazines such as the French digital Au  Femenin.

In this app, the user’s recipes can also be shared and one can create their own cook book. Whatsmore, other users can make comments to the recipes which is useful, one can also print the recipes and the correspondent ingredients list. It is in english but can be switched to spanish and other languages. It is free.



Another of the leading apps is Kitchen Channel, where you can learn to cook a Fois grass with sauteed apples, among other delicacies. It is interesting the classification they have to find a recipe; You can search either by ingredients (pasta, seafood, vegetables, etc,..), dishes (sandwiches, sauces, drinks, sides) or time (little, medium, all). Among the reviews, users highlight the ease to follow the instructions to prepare  the recipes. It is free.



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Finally, there exist many other apps specialising in food groups. Easy Salad, Rice Easy, Easy Bread, Easy Beef Skewers or Deluxe (1’99 euros) are an example. Ferran Adrià himself has joined the App trend  and has created one exclusively for the Kindle Fire, Amazon. Adrià at home proposes recipes of the great Catalan chef explained with abundant detail. It is an application, however, very heavy, and more than one user has complained that it does not work too well.





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