Miele presents a revolutionary oven at the fair in Milan

Chone de la Sotilla and Lluïsa Deulonder travel to the fair in Milan to catch up on the latest trends in decoration and technological developments


Among the main novelties of the Milan Furniture Fair, which took place from April 17 to 22, is the presentation of the Oven Dialog, from the German company Miele. It is an oven that uses a totally innovative technology based on waves that allow you to cook your food in a personalized way. In the spectacular demonstration that took place in the fairground, they cooked meat and fish inside blocks of ice to show how the waves are projected exclusively on the food, without melting the ice.

It looks like science fiction, but it’s not. The waves heat the food according to their «gourmet units», which are the cooking units that each food needs and that the oven, intelligent, detects. In addition, you can cook different foods at the same time, vegetables, meat, fish … and the oven respects the cooking needs of each of them. For more information, you can access the Miele website.

The fair, one of the most important in its field and that Chone de la Sotilla and Lluïsa Deulonder are never lost, also offers a panorama of the latest developments in the design of kitchens. Among the many proposals, interior designers have set a new finish for furniture, which consists of making envelopes and furniture of the same material.

This design brings elegance to the kitchen, especially when we are talking about noble materials such as marble. Even the sink can be solved with the same material, which contributes a minimalist point to the aesthetics of the set.

Other novelties are the refrigerators to keep refrigerated the aromatic plants, that is to say, a small orchard in full kitchen. The operation can be controlled from the mobile in a new step forward of home automation in the kitchen.

In addition to the fairgrounds, Milan is a pole of attraction for lovers of gastronomy and good food, since new stores and seductive proposals are always discovered. Stops of vegetables, bakeries, pastry, the whole city is a gift for the senses.

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