Tricks to have everything ready to return to school


September arrives and with it the return to school for the little ones home. Deulonder  will suggest to you how to organize the kitchen so that everything is ready to start preparing big amounts of lunches and snacks

For lunches that kids have to carry to school there is nothing better than the fruit. It is easy to prepare letting aside their nutritional qualities. Melon, grape, apple, bananas … just think of a «tupperware» to take all year in order to save using foil or plastic which are disrespectful to the environment. Ready cut apples are also sold and packed in handy pouches.


In the market there are increasingly more and more different types of lunch boxes or «Tupperwares» though specially for school, more ecological and practical. This items will be kept close to the food preparation area.

For a snack, a good sandwich is the most recommended by nutritionists:  bakery products such as doughnuts or «croissants» contain high volume of trans fats and are highly caloric. Ham, cheese, sausage, pate … it is important to keep plenty of them in the fridge. For mothers (or fathers) with little time, it is recommended to prepare and freeze a few little sandwiches. Just get them out in the morning or afternoon and will be ready for a snack.





Some practical resources: Having some fruit juice in small tetra bricks, packets of biscuits of various brands and varieties (we know that children soon tire of the same type of biscuit) and yogurts



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