The magnificence of the American kitchens, those that dominate in the "cottages" of Newport, has been a source of inspiration for Deulonder to project a distinguished cuisine of Atlantic flavors. Among the mansions of Newport, in the rich state of Rhode Island, stands out the dazzling The Breakers, owned by the Vanderbilts, symbol of the industrial splendor of the United States of the nineteenth century The american Versalles inspires Deulonder ARTICLE 02
MARCH 2017
The mansion from outside. With 70 m2 of versailles-like rooms. The
The modern and Mediterranean version of the Breakers' kitchen features a diaphanous space that includes curiosities like the decorative cow head hung on the wall, as well as the carpet in the dining area, which brings warmth to the whole. A clock like the one in Grand Central Terminal of New York, presides over the stay, which maintains the hearth of the best time in Yankee history without giving up the comforts and comfort of the 21st century.

The kitchen of the Vanderbilt enjoys dimensions in tune with the grandeur of the mansion and, why not ?, the country itself. The large oval table served to prepare the food, and cooks always had the battery of pans ready to prepare their meals. The floor is also ceramic tile and the room receives light from the upper windows. Everything is very well preserved and it is easy to get the idea of ​​the movement that was supposed to host this kitchen.
Among other great businesses, the Vanderbilt were the masters of American railroads that connected the east and west coast (about six thousand miles!). They had a factory to build the locomotives, and they also made these consistent cast-iron stoves equipped with furnaces in the bottom, all made to order. The result is a kitchen with industrial air, rustic and solid. It should be noted that, among family and friends, they used to be large meals. In the 21st century, the equivalent would be a kitchen of the French brand La Cornue, model Château, black with gold trim. 02/07 Playing with very different chromatic tones - the white for the ceramic in spike and the countertops of marble, and the black for the furniture and the quarters of the windows - these kitchens are dressed up with golden details, as for example the front of The bell, or the wall sconces on the windows. In the middle, an oval table is crowned as her American sister by a "hanging rack" where you can hang the entire kitchen battery, copper, of course. The Breakers' kitchen was not that of a restaurant, but almost. The Vanderbilt family had seven children and the guests were never missing. So they needed good cupboards to store the dishes, and placed them on a second level to make the most of space. The truth is that these were mansions designed with very high ceilings that allowed this type of operations. All the furniture for the dishes had showcase doors, practical and elegant at the same time. Everything is perfectly preserved in this mansion, which has been open to the public since 1948. 04/07 Cupboards In the case of the Deulonder kitchen, a whole wall has been dedicated to store dishes and other utensils in built-in wardrobes with showcase door. Also has installed a bar, with stools as a whole, to be able to prepare a nice vermouth before the meal. In this element, which helps to separate the cupboards from the dining area, you can install a refrigerator under the counter to be able to prepare cold drinks. 05/07 The fridge You can not miss a good refrigerator in tune with the majesty of space. In this case there is a double door of the house Sub Zero. Made of stainless steel, it is Framed by lacquered cabinets in black. Regarding the pavement is treated mud, which brings the warmth of a traditional floor. 06/07 Following the same manorial style that is breathed in The Breakers, which on the other hand has nothing to envy Versailles, the kitchen designed by Deulonder, Includes a circular table to be able to eat in the kitchen while contemplating the vegetation of the garden and enjoy the light that enters cheerfully through the glass door. In addition, it has been arranged a grill oven Flamberge, also of the house La Cornue, ideal for cooking with family. To the side is the zone of preparation of breakfast with open shelves to put books, as well as cut wood and trays. 07/07

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