Portada The adventure of Casa Decor began in 1994 and since then Deulonder has almost missed this unique meeting of designers, who select a building or a house and decorate it from top to bottom. In this trajectory of more than two decades reflects the evolution of the style of Deulonder, the innovations that have been introduced in the kitchen, at the same time as the consolidation of a way to make characteristic of interior designers Chone de la Sotilla and Lluïsa Deulonder : Imagine comfortable kitchens and ironers, fully equipped and very practical. Deulonder in Casa Decor, from 1994 to 2017 ARTICLE 03
APRIL 2017
1994 All the spaces were occupied when Chone de la Sotilla and Lluïsa Deulonder disembarked to the chalet of the avenue Pearson of Barcelona where that year was organized House Decor. Only one room remained in the basement. Here they designed a space to wash and iron with much care and care. The truth that was very successful because, at that time, the space of washing and ironing hardly aroused the interest of the decorators. That is why the proposal excited a public who saw the room to wash and iron dignified. To give the space more warmth, it was even designed an aroma reminiscent of the old soap Lizard and starch, an odor that transported visitors, at least to the older ones, to childhood. 1994 / Barcelona 1995 In this building of the Catalan Obispo street of Barcelona a space that was a pantry was approached. It was equipped with the latest technologies, such as a sausage cutting machine, a special refrigerator to conserve vegetables, etc. In addition, a water point was installed to introduce a cleaning zone. The floor was of a nice white and blue squares, while the bookcase combined wood and metal, a very successful tandem of materials. Besides, and to give more warmth, wicker baskets were placed to put potatoes, etc., not forgetting the corner for wines, quite innovative for the time. 1995 / Barcelona 1996 On Calatrava Street, the Deulonder studio, which was always wary of resolving domestic spaces, presented a changing room, a bathroom with a sink area, a massage basin and a fitness area that included a treadmill. New materials were used both on the walls and on the floor, which had a compact wood treatment. In addition, a sun lounger was installed. The clothing space was designed very well equipped, with covers for summer and winter clothes, and a shoe area. 1996 / Barcelona 1997 For the first time Deulonder presents in Casa Decor, which was celebrated in Via Laietana barcelonina, a kitchen that was designed in beech wood, a type of wood that now is not used too much. A central island was installed with stainless steel furniture and wood that included the cooking area. The great novelty, then, was to put an over-the-counter extractor that effectively solved the smoke problem without mortgaging the open view of space. In addition, there was a washing and ironing corner with a corner for the sewing machine, a Corian laundry room and a ventilated clothes rack. The floor was of ceramics, but imitating the parquet: it gave warmth and was practical. Another nod was the hand-painted drawings and some valances that later had a lot of exit. 1997

1998 This year a kitchen with a soft vanilla tone was presented. The open shelves supported directly on the Corian worktop must be highlighted from this design to store the utensils for daily use and with exclusive lighting. This model was especially appreciated by the public and was repeated on several occasions. In addition, a barbecue was installed in the kitchen and the dishwasher at a certain height, a simple but very practical gesture that later also had a lot of output. We especially looked after the breakfast area, with a coffee maker, trays, etc. In addition, they licked the walls that gave a very welcoming air to space and the land was Travertine. As for the ironer, it was decorated again with nice charcoal drawings. 1998

1999 In this House Decor, which redecorated a house to Pearson Avenue, Deulonder occupied a basement room to design a laundry room. It was the first time that the study presented the cleaning module designed by Deulonder, which has had a lot of output. A duct for dirty laundry was also devised, so that it reached the room directly from the upper floors. We must not forget the closet for sewing and the cabinet for tools with retractable doors, some of the most successful pieces of Deulonder. For the ground, in this case, we opted for a hydraulic in green and white. 1999

2000 In the year of change of millennium a small but very coquettish kitchen was presented. The floor was white and beige. As usual in Deulonder's designs, Corian put both envelopes and walls. With this proposal, the designers showed how in a small kitchen you can have everything. Some details of the space: the knives to the shelf, the raised dishwasher, the bottle rack with the mesh to the old "made in Deulonder". In that year 2000 was a novelty and now, seventeen years later, all brands of appliances have taken their own models of winemakers. 2000

2003 The location of Casa Decor, that year, was in a nice building on Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona. He placed the Viking brand in a stately kitchen with a large central table. The space included an area by the cellar, as well as another space for washing and ironing, not forgetting another to store crockery, silver and hanging tablecloths. The interior proposals of the cabinets were very thorough and thorough. As for the washing and ironing room already had all the Deulonder modules, such as the cleaning cart, the clothes line in a ventilated door cabinet, the iron module, etc. 2003 / Barcelona 2004 Perhaps to adapt to the innovative airs of 22 @ where Casadecor celebrated that year, Deulonder opted for a kitchen with microciment that had a great impact, since it was a new material of crack. For the band of electrical appliances, counted on the house Subzero and Wolf. To contrast with the industrial air that confers microciment, it was proposed a decoration based on letters painted on top of this material. The truth was that it was a model that had a lot of exit. It was a kitchen with a pantry and an ironing area and washing with a detail: the communication part between the kitchen and the dining room was made by sliding doors. 2004 / Barcelona 2004 Planchador The special feature of this space are stainless steel mesh doors. The cabinets hide the washer and dryer, the laundry room, the cleaning cart and the clothes line. Besides, we have a little corner for the iron with a closet that contains a practical extensible trays identified with labels for the different types of clothes. On the walls a lining is combined with wooden slats and a wallpaper of sackcloth that adds warmth to the whole. In addition, an extra folding bed was arranged. 2004 / Barcelona 2005 In this case a kitchen proposal was designed in a bluish tone with a Corian tile. The kitchen area was put on the island and the extractor was from top to top. The floor was ceramic imitating the parquet. Again we chose the house Subzero and Wolf for appliances. In the space of washing and ironing the washing machine and the dryer were installed side by side, hidden behind a sliding door. Above, he set the sink as if it were a wooden dish and the retractable doors. 2005 / Barcelona 2005 Planchador The doors are sliding with the approach of putting the washer and dryer next to each other and a Corian laundry in the manner of a shower tray. It is very practical because there is a good space to work, and offers the possibility of laying clothes on. The door of the cabinets is grated, so that it is ventilated, not forgetting the corner of the iron. On the walls: a nice decoration with instructions on how to fold a shirt. 2005 / Barcelona 2006 Change of tone for this Casa Decor that was held in a building of Plaza Cataluña with Paseo de Gracia. An ambience in black, with stainless steel envelopes, was projected that combined with the power of the home of Viking appliances. An innovative solution was devised: on the island, which had the wooden envelope, a bench was placed that was used by the back with a piece of furniture for dishes. One of the peculiarities of this Casa Decor is the nice urban garden that was installed, a space to grow lettuce, escarole, chard, tomatoes ... 2006 / Barcelona 2009 180 degree turn by this House Decor where the American influence is strongly felt, the result of a long trip through the United States made by interior designers. Some of the consequences? The introduction, for example, of the Pot Filler, a faucet to fill the pots on the same stoves, or the Hanging Rack to hang paellas; The large lamps on the table, the generous wood-paneled ceilings ... The display cabinets leaned on the countertop, which was made of macael marble. This kitchen included a room to store the tableware and tablecloth, as well as a full ironer. 2009 / Barcelona 2009 Planchador 2009 / Barcelona El planxador presentava una continuïtat estètica respecte la cuina, amb el mateix to gris i un arrambador de fusta blanc, i quedava separat per una esvelta vidriera amb quarterons blancs. Una paret d’armaris amb portes de reixa ventilades contenien la rentadora, l’assecadora així com un petit safareig. A sobre del mòdul de taula de planxar Deulonder, es va instal·lar un llum allargat per il·luminar bé la taula, i es va equipar l’estança amb un mòdul de safates per a la roba planxada. En una petita habitació adjacent es van posar prestatges per desar la vaixella, així com unes barres per a les estovalles. 2011 2011 / Barcelona Here the American style rivaled the British. A very cozy atmosphere was created by means of a glass closure with black quarters. The envelopes were of intense black marble that contrasted with white in a game that recalled a chessboard. On the walls were placed sheets of wood that provided warmth to the space, which had a dining area with a stool. In addition, the entire Kitchen Aid system was put in place for the first time: a steam oven, a temperature blast chiller and vacuum packer. The kitchen had a magnificent air-conditioned pantry space. It was a Luxury Home Decor and Deulonder celebrated its 30 year history here. 2011 Planchador 2011 Barcelona The touch of this iron was provided by the screen clothes of the walls. In addition, we installed a few bars, a large ironing machine, Miele machine to iron table cloths, washing machine, dryer, laundry and space to spread behind a few doors that are hidden, so that the room is very tidy once Everything is collected. 2013 2013 Madrid This year Deulonder made the leap to Casa Decor Madrid, where he has since participated every year. It was thought a kitchen with a glass partition of quarters, in this case white together with the envelope of Corian. At the head of the table were placed small sofas of dark wicker to give warmth to the space. He presided over the kitchen, of Viking, a great bell of work with cornice, painted of the same gray color, very special, than the rest of the kitchen. Among the novelties it is necessary to emphasize a element that was very successful: the showcases with sliding doors under the worktop to store the dishes. The space also had a room for washing and ironing equipped with all Deulonder solutions, retractable and ventilated doors, ironing module, etc. With this proposal Deulonder received the Audience Award. 2013 Planchador 2013 / Madrid Petit, però ben il·luminat amb llum natural gràcies a un bon finestral, aquest planxador comptava amb una rentadora i assecadora, així com un petit safareig amb un estenedor a sobre, tot plegat dins d’uns armaris de portes enreixades i retràctils, un sistema molt pràctic que permet deixar l’espai ben recollit i endreçat quan no s’utilitza. Amb uns prestatges alts per a desar roba, i un mòdul per a la roba planxada a la part inferior, l’espai també comptava amb un mòdul de planxa Deulonder. 2014

Proposed wooden kitchen with appliances of the Cornue, a mark that then distributes Deulonder for the Spanish territory. In this case, a separation of glass between the kitchen space and the dining room was conceived with black painted iron quarters, made exclusively by the metalist of Deulonder with very fine frames. It was introduced the look of furniture with thick uprights following a more traditional style of work. The dining area was gravitating around a magnificent roaster oven of the Cornue, the Flamberge. It also installed a sophisticated heated separate pantry with the same type of iron paneling. Another detail to note: the porcelain sink, which was imported from London.
2014 Madrid
2016 We continue with a magnificent kitchen inspired by the American aesthetics and crowned with a great bell finished with steel. The solution of the small sofa on the window sill, a corner to read quietly enjoying natural lighting, is one of the elements that liked the most among the public. The kitchen was equipped with all the steam cooking system and included friendly winks such as trays, cut timbers and magazines. The laundry and ironing area was next to a pantry, both separated from the kitchen with an elegant white pantry. The decorative touch of this diaphanous and comfortable space were the wicker screens painted white both from the kitchen table and from the two adjacent spaces, the pantry and the ironer. In this edition Deulonder again won the First Prize of the Public. 2016 / Madrid 2016 Planxador The ironer had the mesh doors to ensure good ventilation of the clothes, as well as the Deulonder wooden ironing module with its corresponding hangers. The washer and dryer were next to each other and raised from the floor for more user comfort. Underneath, wicker baskets painted white to put the laundry. On the walls was put a vinyl paper with a picture of white wax that provided a lot of warmth to the room. 2016 / Madrid

Basically it is a challenge since for interior designers it is the effort to imagine original proposals, to explore new materials and to design projects in a more experimental way and without the guardianship of a client. In each Casa Decor, Lluïsa and Chone try to propose creative ideas, change furniture, think different colors and imagine combinations of suggestive materials. The objective is to go beyond the usual proposals and this is reflected in either the thousand details, such as the interiors of furniture, as in the research of new materials. Motivated by Casa Decor and with the desire to surprise the public year after year, interior designers often travel abroad to look for elements little seen in our country and that embellish and give a unique touch to the kitchen. At the end of the day, Casa Decor is a fun that has always been very good, regardless of the dose of concerns that it entails. We will not deny that behind every project there is an important coordination and organization effort, and more from 2013, which is celebrated in Madrid, while the whole Deulonder team is based in Barcelona. So, to conclude, it is a great stimulus and a fantastic showcase, since the public, pleased, echoes in social networks, which is a good way to spread our work everywhere. The culmination of so much effort is that in 2013 and 2016 they won the Audience Award, a priceless bonus.
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