Redescovering bread, a trend that Deulonder bears in mind

Magazines, books, opening bakeries everywhere … seems that we have rediscovered bread, a humble food but with great potential. We propose some solutions to storage it in the kitchen

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One of the important principles of Deulonder is order and harmony. To fulfill this principle, the drawers are designed to suit in each case every element what they should contain. In the case of drawers for bread, we must take into account that it requires special conditions for proper storage and handling.

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One of the key elements is to have a cutting board that allows to easily pick up the crumbs and have a space to store a bread knife.



The fresh bread can be stored in many ways, either in a bag or-more aesthetic in a bread basket, ideal for preservation. Deulonder sells in the store this one in the picture below.




They can also be stored in boxes or drawers, a space that can be shared with cereals, cookies and pastries. Normally this bread box is located in the buffet area, aimed at preparing the morning breakfast or tea and afternoon tea.

CDecor 05-45

According to the available space, there are different models for bread drawers, incorporating drawer and, above all, with a space to have the knife hand

Because of this recent interest around bread, several publications have emerged, among which we highlight, Shall we bake bread? (Aguilar), Alma Iban Yarza and Obregon. It’s a fun book that teaches how to make bread at home quickly and easily. Yarza brings the good work of classic bread while Obregon Alma brings more original and colorful recipes. Some recipes allow us to make soda bread, coca forner or carrot bread.




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