Samantha Vallejo-Nágera comments on her new Deulonder kitchen on her blog

Chef Samantha Vallejo-Nágera presents her new Deulonder kitchen on her blog, SamyWorld

Presenter of the popular TVE Master Chef cooking program, Samantha fell in love with the Deulonder kitchens after the last Casa Decor Madrid 2016 celebration. She herself says that it was a «love at first sight». After interviewing Lluïsa Deulonder they quickly set to work, because the kitchen had to be finished in two months. Lluïsa immediately understood Samantha’s priorities, as well as her lifestyle and devised a custom kitchen where the pantry plays a leading role. Samantha especially likes gourmet products and in the solution that Lluïsa devised, you can see the open pantry that shows the labeling of the different products that add color to a set of sober tone. A good free wall was also left so that the presenter could express her good taste through paintings and decorative objects that reflect her strong personality.

The kitchen, located in a house in the center of Madrid, was completely transformed as can be seen with an before and after image.

It is an open kitchen, in keeping with the extroverted and cheerful character of Samantha, designed for a large family that can be settled comfortably in the kitchen while the cook prepares a recipe. For this, the central island includes a splendid table with stools where you can also sit the guests of the renowned chef, who often organizes events in her home. The kitchen also interacts with the dining area, with a nice table to organize good meals in a pleasant and convivial atmosphere.



To directly access the blog post SamyWorld, click here.

Samantha with to workers during the building of her kitchen.

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