The best «buñuelos»; Those of the bakery «Roura»

One of the characteristic candies of Lent is the fritters. We propose you to visit the Roura oven where some of the best in Barcelona are made.

In this establishment practically centenary, located in the street Calaf 15 of Barcelona, ​​they are clear that to make some good fritters it takes natural ingredients, those of always without additives, and above all time, time to let the mass rest without stress.

In Roura they prepare the mass the day before and leave it to rest at room temperature about ten or twelve hours. Then, fry the fritters a few hours before selling them and batter them with sugar: the whole process is done in a homemade way.

«For us, in the elaboration of all our products, time is decisive. Quality ingredients of course, but how in every fermentative process, and the fritters have it, time is basic. This avoids the massive use of additives,
One of the traps in which the current food has fallen. There is no better preservative than the product made of the day, nor better flavored than the quality ingredients, «says Josep Maria Roura, baker of the third generation of the family Roura, and with their two children also already involved in the oven .

Regarding the varieties, Roura elaborates the traditional fritters of wind, those of the Ampurdán, those of wind with apple, with chocolate and also fillings of cream, truffle and cream.


On typical days, Wednesday and Friday, Roura prepares between 25 and 30 kg of fritters. «The ones that leave the most are the traditional ones of Ampurdán, which are the ones that they like, but the others also have good exit.»

In this oven that has retained the elegant design of the beginning of the century, there are also all kinds of breads and pastas, as well as delicious cokes. One of the novelties are made with bimi, a vegetable resulting from the mixture of kai-lan and broccoli, and spiced with morenga.

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