The best cakes in the heart of Gràcia

Casa Sil’s Cakes American Pastry brings to the heart of the Gracia district of Barcelona the best tradition of American pastry.


In Deulonder we love good cakes and we try to be always attentive to the offer of sweets in the city. We have been amazed by this shop that is on the corner of Calle Torrent de l’Olla, 62, in Gracia, because it offers delicious-looking cakes capable of decorating a kitchen on its own.


In addition to the spectacular cakes elaborated in a totally handmade way, using only fresh ingredients and products of km 0, they also propose a great variety of cookies -three chocolates, chocolate and nuts, oats and raisins, etc.-, icebox and cupcakes of various flavours . The workshop is in sight and everyone can see how the cakes are made.

Among the most spectacular cakes is the «New York Cheese Cake», the «Chocolate New York Cheese Cake», the «Carrot Cake», the «Orange Chiffon Cake», the «Ricotta Cake» or the «Layer Cake» of chocolate spaced … the choice is difficult!



Behind this bakery workshop is Sílvia Gonzàlez, a bakery lover who, when she was pregnant, became aware of the possibilities that opened up before her when making cakes and cookies, and decided to start a business. In addition to selling sweets and making custom cakes for birthdays, weddings and other events, it also organizes workshops and courses. You will find all the information in your web

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