The Capsulitis Coffee Machine


It all started when Nespresso (Nestlé) introduced the possibility of tasting deliciously (home-made) coffee, thanks to an (almost) professional machine tailored to each individual’s taste preferences. Arpeggio, Roma, Ristretto… quickly, colorful Nespresso capsules began to occupy a place in our homes, providing the most exquisite aromas and throwing out the traditional iron coffeepots. Almost everyone enjoys a «Nespresso» at home. After all, who can resist their «limited edition», which boasts exotic names such as Apple Crumble, Dessert Hazelnut or Chocolate Mint?

Other coffee brands have joined the capsule-craze and now Marcilla or Fortaleza offeer their own version in any supermarket. A new Catalan franchise, The Capsoul, has appeared. It doesn’t only offer coffee capsules (about 300 varieties, which are compatible with Nespresso machines), but also provides tea and infusions. The company also provides their own machines which, adding to the elegant simplicity of Nespresso, are characterized by their bright décor.

In addition to capsules, The Capsoul also sells  tea and infusiones in bulk, with various combinations of herbs.


Behind this brand, which has already opened three stores in Barcelona, is the Alma Foundation. Part of the profits of the company are dedicated to the care of children affected by cancer.

How to store cápsulas in the kitchen?

Deulonder is always aware of the changes in our cooking habits. For that reason, the interior design studio has developed several effective solutions for keeping these capsules in a neat and polished way. One of the most effective and aesthetic approaches is to put them in glass jars, on a shelf. That way, the capsules will be at your fingertips in the breakfast area. Another proposal is a special drawer where you can classify your capsules by colors or flavors. Furthermore, these drawers also provide sufficient space  to conceal the capsule’s elongated packaging or other products, such as tea bags or chocolate boxes.

These drawers can be placed near “preparation” areas in the kitchen, beneath the space where the Nespresso machine is placed.



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