The delivery food craze reinvents itself

Among the varied take-away gastronomic offer we have noticed Aleix Puig’s Vicio.

In the face of the pandemic that has greatly restricted the possibilities of eating out, restaurants have reinvented themselves to offer good food to take away, or to deliver at home.

At Deulonder, we have been struck by the new take-away restaurant Vicio, which delivers home-cooked food every day via Glovo. Its website, designed in seductive shades of red and black, offers a wide range of combinations based on the hamburger. However, they are not just any burgers, but have a good degree of sophistication: one, for example, is truffled. However, the aim is for simplicity and to «go to the origin of the hamburgers», as Puig himself explains.


What’s more, the difference is in the detail: at Vicio they offer luxury desserts «Happy Ending», an Oreo Live Message Tiramisu and a Nutella soft cheesecake. Everything you need to delve deeper into the vice of gluttony. And behind Vicio is Aleix Puig, winner of the seventh edition of Masterchef. Puig is very clear that, nowadays, restaurants have to reinvent themselves and look for alternatives to the classic restaurant. The young chef defines his establishment, located in the Sants district, as a «cloud» restaurant, a format that he considers to be the future for many restaurateurs.


Vicio dresses up with a sexy, eighties touch, offering products that are accessible to all budgets, without sacrificing quality food.

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