The Deulonder e-store, more items, more secure

Deulonder renews its online store, which is now easier to use and contains more exclusive products for our customers

The Deulonder e-store has new products – we have extended models of tableware and appliances – as well as the design of the website, to make it easier and more convenient to use. To begin with, we have expanded the number of categories and now you can find an area dedicated to the tableware, another to appliances, one for decoration items, another for menage objects, cleaning, and finally our star section for the outlet.
Below you can see some highlights, the offers of the month etc..

The website also includes a section with video, «Do you want to see our products in stage?». To be able to visualise the objects that are for sale «in action», we have created a video recipe. So you can check firsthand how they work through the making of recipes, the removable handles, for example, or how the tableware looks on the table.

At the bottom, you can read the posts related to the products in the store, small specific articles on the proposed novelties. On the other hand, it is worth remembering that Deulonder has improved the security of payment online with the SSLL system.

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