The making of the Christmas greeting, Deulonder inside

Every year the Deulonder team prepares with great enthusiasm to congratulate the Christmas holidays to all the people who make the Interior Design Studio a reality.

The stylist Elisabet Vidri was in charge of preparing one of the kitchens for the Deulonder exhibition to be able to take the congratulatory photograph. It was about setting up a party table and decorating and knitting the Christmas tree.


Once everything was ready, the entire Deulonder team gathered in the kitchen chosen to set the scene for the Christmas greeting.

Then the dance begins to program the camera, in this case a cutting-edge tablet, and get everyone to stand up and offer the best smile for the camera.

Also a moment of rest in the midst of the hustle and bustle of daily work, which accelerates with the festivities approaching, and to relax around a glass of cava.

But making a Christmas greeting is not an easy thing, it requires finding the right angle to take the most photogenic angle.

And voila! With all my heart, happy holidays and happy new year!

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