The most chic «monas» of the Boulevard Saint-Germain

From the outside it looks like jewelry, but it’s actually a chocolate shop; Patrick Roger makes some sophisticated design monkeys with a chocolate pedigree

In Deulonder we like to be «à la page» especially about cooking and gastronomy, so we do not miss the opportunity abroad to see what the latest trends are. This time we have looked at this chocolate factory located at 108 Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris, and that exposes its products in the most refined way. They are the chocolate factory Patrick Roger, a master chocolatier of international prestige and with six «boutiques» in Paris, one to Saint-Germain-en-Laye and one in Brussels. It is considered one of the 10 best chocolatiers in France.

This year has taken the classic molds to produce a very original bestiary, as well as the traditional Easter eggs, which has given a personal and unique touch.

Among the animal repertoire, there are also boxes containing mischievous little fish, «Nemos» of sugar that play with shells of cacao.

But the artistic vein of Patrick Roger has no limits. The proof: these edible boots look like they come out of a Tim Burton movie.

We are in front of a chocolate artist who exhibits his pieces in art galleries, recently at the Elephant Paname in Paris. It has received different prizes, the last the Grand Prix du artisan chocolat de la ville de Paris (2007). On their website you will find more information about this cacao artist

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