The new «Ninot» market of Barcelona: an experience to be lived

Barcelona has renewed its market «Ninot» just a few months ago has completed the reform nearby Hospital Clínic: let’s pay a visit!



The new market has 2,800 square meters, with 48 food stalls and 33 stalls inside of non-food products outside, integrated in the front of the building.



Thanks to the redistribution the food shops have gained space and have been incorporated refrigerators and ovens as well as spaces for tasting and even a restaurants inside. Is catching up the the concept of the market as a gastronomic center where you can buy, but also discover new products, onsite food and spend a good time.



In addition to a new entrance on Carrer de Mallorca, which provides entry to all residents of the area, has also built a new car park with a capacity of 105 places. It has also opened a supermarket on the ground floor, Mercadona.



Walking through the corridors of the new market, we discover all kinds of products in a delicatessen display that have nothing to envy the sophisticated Galvany.


The neighbours had been nearly six years with a temporary market, only with a few tents that were installed nearby. It was October 2009 to May 2015. Many traders, however, are happy because it really can be said to have washed the face of the building and have given a more modern, light and hygienic look. Although reopened the summer of last year, it still smell of brand new, scent that mixes with the fresh and aromatic smells of spices and vegetables.


With the renovation it has also been created a kitchen space equipped with everything needed for cooking classes and demonstrations. It also offers regular programmes for children, youth and adults. For people who have difficulty shopping, the market has home delivery service run by social company Purchase-Service.




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