The summer recipe: Tomato soup with seafood

With the heat of summer, which this year 2017 has arrived nearly a month ahead, one feels like eating only little and especially fresh things. We propose a simple and delicious soup to make : tomato soup with seafood

To begin with, the ingredients. We need a kilo of ripe tomatoes with pulp; 100 ml of virgin olive oil; Salt; The juice of half a lemon; Tabasco drops to taste. To prepare the seafood we will need: 1 avocado; 4 prawns; 500 g of mussels; Chive oil (extra virgin olive oil and chives) and salt crystals.

The first step is to clean the tomatoes and chop them. We need to get a puree texture, so we will pass them through the crusher. Then we will paste them to remove the nuggets and the skin. Then add the oil, the salt, the lemon and the tabasco and proceed to mix everything until it is homogeneous. We will leave it in the refrigerator to cool down. Chop the chives into small slices and mix with the olive oil. We’ll leave it for about three or four hours. Just before serving it cut the avocado into small cubes. We will pass the prawns on the plate whole or peeled. It’s all about marking them. We will open the steamed mussels and once we have all the cooked elements we will serve it in a bowl. First we will put some mussels (without the shell), the avocado, the chives and the prawns, and then we will spill the tomato soup that we had in the refrigerator around. Bon Appetite!

This recipe, proposed by Chone de la Sotilla, is by chef Mariona Cuadrada. Requires 35 minutes for preparation. The estimated price of the ingredients: 4 euros.

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