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This is Booooooo-rilliant!

For all of you choco-lovers, there is no better excuse to overindulge than Halloween. Despite it being a foreign tradición, more often than not you’ll see Barcelona’s window shops bursting out with terrorific ghosts and pumpkins, just for the ocasión.


Nevertheless, local traditions should still be held onto. That is exactly what Cacao Sampaka does, a chocolate atelier which promotes traditions such as the classic «castanyada» or the reknown «Todos los Santos» celebration, throughout their chocolate delights. This year couldn’t be less and Sampaka proposed exquisite chocolates shaped into chestnuts (castanyes), the outside layer of which protects the best part: the inside, made out of a chestnut puree with a dash of rum.

These little treasures are discreetly packed in a newspaper cone, just like the real castanyes. No one would say these small artisanal fruits are sinful…. (These are also sold in boxes of 16 units)
Sampaka completed their offer with black chocolate lolipops masked with terrorific white skulls and evil pumpkin faces (stem included!)

Moving on to The Chocolat Factory, which is already on it’s third (Halloween) year, this company produces chocolate treats for the occasion, adding new creations every season. This year, for example, the chain has created cute chocolate «haunted castles», in small amd large sizes. They have also joined the chestnut-shaped chocolate banwagon.

Nevertheless, the most succesfull treat amongst all is THE pumpkin. It can be filled in with little white chocolate pumkins stuffed with orange and praline.

The Chocolat Factory also proposed white chocolate skulls and lollipop ghosts, witches, brooms, bats … and a diverse range of all sorts of figures. Everything is terrorific and to die for, of course!

Mary’s Market, at Boulevard Rosa (in Barcelona), is an Anglo-American store, where you can also find a wide range of Halloween themed sweets. Ghostly looking biscuits or mummies and bats, or even beautiful orange scented chocolate pumpkins. All of these are ideal to treat the sweet-toothed. Not to mention their yummy range of black and white lollipops, shaped as ghosts. Uhhhhhh!
The cholocolate pieces come by the hand of Barcelona Banxart, while the cookies are Buvette’s speciality.

This November, Mary’s Market opens a new store in the Mercat de les Glories, where you can find their wide range of selcet food products (including the aformentioned halloween treats).

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